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Post-Bariatric Surgery Care and Diet

At Sansum Clinic’s Bariatric Surgery Center, our care doesn’t end when your procedure does. Our dedicated team, led by board-certified surgeon, Marc Zerey, MD, is here to support your lifelong commitment to healthier living. From one-on-one nutritional counseling to ongoing medical monitoring, we offer everything you need to reach your weight loss goals.

Diet After Surgery

As a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence®, Sansum Clinic provides individualized nutritional counseling and medical therapy before and following surgery for our Santa Barbara community. Immediately after your procedure, you’ll progress from a liquid diet to a pureed diet designed to allow the body to heal. It is crucial to adhere to this diet to maximize recovery and minimize the risk for unnecessary complications.

From there, our registered dietitian nutritionists Christina Dominguez and Michele Daniele, will develop a personalized plan, including vitamin supplements, to meet nutrient needs. They'll work closely with you to make—and maintain—healthier eating habits to achieve your long-term wellness goals.

Should you need additional support, Sansum also offers free monthly weight loss support groups after surgery, helping you overcome challenges and celebrating your success.

Personal Care After Surgery

After your weight-loss surgery, you’ll be discharged from the hospital based on your personal progress. Prior to leaving, we’ll carefully review specific dietary and activity instructions, along with precautions and situations when Dr. Zerey should be notified.

Once home, you should plan to take things easy while your body recovers and you to start to lose weight. Strenuous activity is restricted for 3-6 weeks post-surgery. We encourage you to have someone with you at home the first few days after surgery to help with hygiene, wound care and any possible medical concerns.

To monitor your progress, Dr. Zerey will schedule a series of appointments with you in the months following surgery, and then annually thereafter.

Learn More About Bariatric Surgery at Sansum Clinic

For in-depth, in-person education on what to expect following bariatric surgery, join us for a free orientation, hosted monthly by Dr. Zerey. Call (805) 898-3472 or save your spot at an upcoming weight-loss surgery orientation.

Also be sure to download the helpful Bariatric Surgery Guide, featuring a comprehensive list of foods to eat and avoid post-surgery, and additional information about post-surgery personal care.