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Resources for Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Sansum Clinic offers a full range of options and programs for achieving a healthy lifestyle, reaching your goals and maintaining a healthy weight — from group nutrition classes or individualized health educators and dietitians to our Doctors’s Weight Management Program or Bariatric Surgery.

Nutrition Services offers Nutrition Counseling and a Personalized Programs

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists provide comprehensive nutrition services and Diabetes education to people with nutritional concerns or with diabetes. Nutrition Services is available  in Santa Barbara, Carpinteria and Solvang.

Nutrition Department

Health and Wellness Programs Help You Become an Active Participant in Your Good Health

Our  Programs are designed with you in mind. All are taught by professionals, include take-home materials and are available on an ongoing basis. They are free of charge or low cost and are open to the community. Programs related to a healthy weight  include: Bariatric Surgery Orientation, Healthy Eating Active living, Heart Health, Diabetes Basics, Nutrition Navigator and Stress Management. 

Learn about Health and Wellness Programs or register online

The Doctors’ Weight Management Program Helps You Maintain the Healthy Lifestyle You Need to Achieve Your Goal for Personal Success

Doctors’ Weight Management Program is a medically supervised behavioral weight management program that addresses obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes (and pre-diabetes), metabolic syndrome, joint pain and other illnesses and conditions associated with weight management and obesity. The program offers several options tailored to your individual needs and our goal is to help you lose weight while teaching you the skills you need to manage your weight successfully long-term.

Learn more about the Doctors’ Weight Management Program

Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence

Our patients benefit from our comprehensive approach to weight loss that includes education and tools to prepare them for a successful journey and helps them achieve a lifestyle change that puts them on a life-long path to successful weight management.

Visit the Bariatric Surgery Center website for more information

Find Healthy Recipes


Health Resource Center: FREE and Open to the Community

Drop by the Health Resource Center for reliable answers to health and weight loss questions. Pick up recipes, walking and bicycling maps and exercise guidebooks. The Health Resource Center is located at 215 Pesetas Lane in Santa Barbara on the 1st floor. Call (805) 681-7672.

Visit our Health Resource Center