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Dear Friends, 

I have made a career out of solving complex business and operational challenges within the healthcare field, from large, big-city systems with multi-billion dollar budgets, to smaller and mid-sized systems throughout the country.  

Never during this many decade career have I witnessed the breadth of obstacles and inspiration brought to our doorstep by this pandemic as I have by our local independent, outpatient network Sansum Clinic, under the leadership of Dr. Kurt N. Ransohoff, where I am honored to serve as the chair of its Board of Trustees.  

Although healthcare has always been my calling, as with you, the last 2+ years has greatly reinforced the value of excellent-quality healthcare close to home.  I initially wanted to join the Clinic’s Board of Trustees to lend my time and experience to a non-profit I believed was the anomaly to healthcare offerings in most cities of similar size.  Here in Santa Barbara, Sansum Clinic provides highly-trained physicians, and access to world-class technology and treatments, on the same level as large academic institutions. 

The Clinic’s decision-makers and my colleagues on our Board live here, receive their healthcare here, and realize the choices they make on behalf of our Clinic impact their own families, friends and neighbors. Many of our 200+ doctors and 2,500+ team members choose to work for us because they value delivering compassionate care to those who live and work right where they do, alongside highly-trained colleagues who are the brightest in their fields. They collaborate with medical professionals across different departments in more than 30 specialties, exchanging information and ideas to achieve the best outcomes for our patients.   

Our board takes seriously the responsibility to uphold the highest standards and principles upon which Sansum Clinic was founded, and to sustain our mission that extends beyond the exam room into our community. This means offering many specialties, not just the profitable ones. We provide patients financial assistance to afford the care and treatment they need. The important partnership between 
Ridley-Tree Cancer Center and the Cancer Foundation of Santa Barbara means all local cancer patients have access to our care regardless of their ability to pay.  This is a remarkable example of this commitment. 

We partner with Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics and SEE International to provide diagnostics services and eye care to those who do not have health insurance.  We also invest in community programs which promote good health like free cancer screenings, our free health education program, flu shot clinics, Camp Wheez for children with asthma, and the list goes on.  

What most recently energized my passion and desire to spread the word about Sansum Clinic, was observing the true grit, dedication and determination our Clinic team displayed as they served patients under the most difficult circumstances, personal and professional.  From the adoption of telehealth and COVID-19 testing and vaccine clinics, to the innumerable ways our doctors and staff transformed to protect our patients and our people from the virus, the overall effort has been nothing short of heroic. I am keenly aware of the expanding healthcare choices available in our market, and as a consumer of healthcare like you, I prefer to be as educated as possible on my options. 

Admittedly, I do want it all: access to smart, well-trained medical experts, the latest technical advancements, kindness and empathy, convenient locations where I won’t feel like a number and where the proceeds remain in our community.   Sansum Clinic is all of this, and more.  

In difficult times such as these, the Clinic’s commitment to providing high quality care relies increasingly on the generosity of our donors.  Your philanthropic support will help meet the healthcare needs of our community.    

Your support contributes to the good health of everyone in our community.  You are an important partner in our current and future success and working together we can continue to better serve you, our patients and the community.  

We are truly grateful for every gift we receive, no matter the amount.
Please consider making a gift of support today!  

Exploring new and better ways of delivering expert, compassionate medical care is central to our mission of serving the needs of our community.  We consider it our privilege to serve you and help you live your healthiest life.   

On behalf of my fellow trustees and the physicians and staff of Sansum Clinic and the Ridley-Tree Cancer Center please accept my thanks in advance for your consideration and here’s to your continued good health throughout the year.     


Arnold R. Schaffer signature

Arnold R. Schaffer
Chair, Board of Trustees


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