Dear Friends,

This time last year we reached out to our community of donors and patients with a request for consideration in supporting Sansum Clinic.   We needed to stop doing all elective cases, yet be available 24/7 for emergencies; there was inadequate COVID-19 testing capacity, no vaccines, no treatments, minimal knowledge about COVID-19 and inadequate PPE (personal protective equipment) for people tasked with taking care of those infected.   We had to furlough about half of our staff.   It was a dark time.  

I sent out regular email updates to patients about COVID-19 and found that email communication resonated with people.  Although sometimes (most times, really) long in content, on the whole people seemed to appreciate the information I provided to them. We have continued our work with a goal of achieving herd immunity with an aggressive COVID-19 vaccination program along with other healthcare organizations.   

I was humbled by the outpouring of support both monetarily and with gifts in kind that included masks, face shields, gowns, gloves, and even shoes from a shoe company for many of our frontline staff.  This level of support made clear to the team at Sansum Clinic that our patients believed in the work we do and the valuable role we play in providing healthcare to our community even during a pandemic.    

I could not be more proud of the physicians, medical professionals and our front line COVID-19 team who worked tirelessly to provide the care that patients and the community have come to expect from us.  

As a nonprofit organization dedicated to healthcare in an era of diminishing insurance reimbursements, our commitment to providing exceptional care relies, increasingly, on the generosity of our donors.  Philanthropic support makes a critical difference in our ability to achieve that goal. 

I am grateful for the support of our donor community during a time when we needed it most.  
It is my hope that you will become a member of our donor community.  
We need you. 

This year marks our 100th anniversary of providing excellence in healthcare.  Despite these unprecedented times our focus remains on our patients and the community.  We continue to rise to meet the ever-evolving changes of delivering high quality healthcare.  

Your support helps us with our ongoing investment in the latest equipment and technology and our recruitment of the best and the brightest physicians, a combination that enables us to deliver an excellent healthcare experience, recognizing our first priority is the patients we serve.

You are an important partner in our current and future success.  Working together we can continue to better serve you, our patients and the community.  

Thank you for your consideration. Stay safe and know that we continue to smile under our masks.  


Signature Kurt
Kurt N. Ransohoff, MD, FACP

CEO and Chief Medical Officer 

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