Dear Friends,

For 100 years Sansum Clinic has been providing excellence in healthcare. We have played a leadership role in the community effort to administer COVID-19 vaccines to as many people as possible AND we have adapted to the major challenges we have experienced due to the pandemic while still providing the full breadth and scope of healthcare services for our patients.

The cooperation and personal sacrifices of our physicians and staff since March 2020 have undoubtedly saved lives. There are hundreds of unsung heroes whose names you many never know, but whose masked faces you routinely see at Sansum Clinic and the Ridley-Tree Cancer Center.

We continue our work educating our community about the ever changing pandemic and encouraging vaccinations in order to prevent illness and transmission of the virus to others. Sansum Clinic has been doing double duty with flu shots and COVID -19 booster shots to ensure our patients are well taken care of during the upcoming flu season and protected during the ongoing pandemic fueled by the highly transmissible Delta variant. The Delta variant, which is much more infectious than its ancestral strain, continues to put pressure on healthcare resources in the hospital and acute care/urgent care settings.

We anticipate that Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine will soon be approved for younger children and we will be ready to expand our vaccine efforts to ensure the health and safety of our younger school age children. We anticipate having all formulations of vaccine on hand in order to meet the needs of all our patients, big and small.

The support we have received from our donors as well as local businesses has been gratifying. They believe in the critical role we play in providing healthcare to our community and value the work we do for our patients. That interest and generosity at the start of the pandemic warranted us establishing the Pandemic Relief Fund.

Early in the pandemic that fund helped us purchase additional personal protective equipment and testing supplies so that we were able to perform essential testing. Funding from donors has enabled us to deal with the unique operational and staffing challenges the pandemic has posed.

We are at a critical point now, with the need to provide booster shots to our vaccinated patients and help vaccinate those not yet vaccinated. We are once again reaching out to our patients and the donor community to assist with expenses related to our ongoing efforts to help end this pandemic.

While we don’t have a crystal ball to forecast the future, we know that keeping our patients healthy and safe during COVID-19 will continue to be the main focus of our attention.

Despite the challenges that COVID-19 has presented for almost two years, the holidays remind us to pause and be grateful.

We are grateful to our dedicated physicians and staff for all they do, and will continue to do, for our patients and our wonderful community.

We are grateful for the support of our donors who serve an incredibly important role in helping us provide high quality healthcare that our patients and the community have come to expect from us.

We are grateful to be able to keep our doors open for our patients because we know that many doors have closed and many businesses are still struggling.

Your philanthropic support will help
meet the healthcare needs of our community.

Won’t you join us today with a year-end gift to support our efforts?

As a nonprofit organization, your philanthropic support will make the critical difference in helping to continue providing the same high-quality healthcare we have provided for 100 years, regardless of any challenges we encounter.

Thank you for your consideration. To you and yours… happy holidays and remember that we are here for you. Please know that we are all still smiling under our masks.


Signature Kurt Ransohoff Signature of Marjorie Newman, MDD
Kurt N. Ransohoff, MD, FACP
CEO and Chief Medical Office
Marjorie Newman, MD
Medical Director

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