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Dear Friends,

All too often, family conversations about the care of loved ones if and when they can no longer communicate their preferences, happen too late. I’ve witnessed these tough but preventable situations.  We are proud to offer our community a solution: free advance care planning workshops to help you create and complete an advance directive, important regardless of your age.  

The right doctor at the right time can change the course of care for the better. Zack Kramer, a brave, young father diagnosed with colorectal cancer, relied on the expertise and encouragement of his surgeon, his oncologists and the team at Ridley-Tree Cancer Center.  Our new gastroenterologist, Dr. Mick Meiselman is the only doctor in Santa Barbara to perform endoscopic ultrasound, a critical tool to understanding problems in the GI tract. The recruitment of Dr. Meiselman and other clinicians in hard-to-hire specialties is the direct result of our partnership with Sutter Health. Sutter’s acquisition of two radiation treatment centers in San Luis Obispo County is more good news for healthcare access on the Central Coast.      

Topics of interest: 

  • A fascinating public lecture on the history and future of breast cancer treatment and surgery by our Visiting Professor of Surgery
  • A colonoscopy reminder for everyone 45 years and older
  • A virtual talk and podcast with ophthalmologist and cataract surgeon Dr. Ryan Fante on how he restores eyesight using the most advanced techniques 
  • New abilities to direct schedule visits in Pediatrics and Urgent Care using MyChart

This is an exciting time at our Clinic, as we join forces with Sutter Health to become the most comprehensive, integrated and connected system for getting and staying well. 

Despite the many benefits that will be coming with our integration in the Sutter organization, it is important to emphasize that the Sutter and Sansum affiliation will continue to be a nonprofit healthcare organization, and we will continue to rely on the generous support of our grateful patients in our pursuit of excellence.

We are truly grateful for every gift we receive, no matter the amount.  All gifts of support to Sansum Clinic will remain in this community.  

It is because of your support, and the support of community partners like Cancer Foundation of Santa Barbara, that we are able to continue advancing medicine to bring healing to our patients.

Every patient, every person is important to us, and we hope you feel that when you visit us.  Thank you for choosing us for your care — we are working hard here to exceed your expectations.


Signature Kurt Ransohoff

Kurt N. Ransohoff, MD, FACP
President, Sutter Health Greater Central Coast Market


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