Dear Friends,

2021 marks our 100th anniversary of providing excellence in healthcare.  Medical excellence is a never-ending journey.  We continue to focus our efforts on keeping pace with the latest medical advancements and further enhancing our patients’ healthcare experience with new programs and services.    

These are certainly unprecedented times, but our focus remains on our patients and the community despite natural disasters, economic uncertainty, and a global pandemic.  The coordination, cooperation and personal sacrifices of our physicians and staff have undoubtedly saved lives.  There are hundreds of unsung heroes whose names you may never know, but whose masked faces you routinely see at Sansum Clinic and the Ridley-Tree Cancer Center.  We are here for you!  

We are incredibly grateful to our community of donors who serve an important role in helping provide the high-quality healthcare our community needs, deserves and has come to expect from us. 

The challenges we have navigated since last year have left us better-equipped for the task of providing COVID-19 vaccinations now that they are available for patients.  We are resilient and strong, and as history has shown us, we continue to rise to meet the healthcare challenges of our community.    

Here are just a few things we’ve done to protect you and yours, our patients and the community:     

  • Partnered with the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department to help create processes to remain at the forefront of protecting patients, employees and the community.  
  • Outfitted every Sansum Clinic site with necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) despite global shortages, while ensuring best practices to reduce the risk of transmission.  
  • Established screening and social distancing protocols at all of our 23 locations, from exam rooms to waiting areas, to maintaining a virus-free environment in which to continue care. 
  • Set up an appointment-based, drive-up testing site to safely evaluate patients for COVID-19, and both of our pharmacies created new ways to get medications to patients.  
  • Initiated car-based injections to sustain important vaccinations for children
  • Created a symptom-checking app to keep residents informed about the evolving indicators of the virus
  • Launched a Telehealth program in two weeks allowing patients to receive care from the comfort and safety of their homes. Hundreds of providers learned to log on and conduct virtual visits, reducing exposure for those who required in-person appointments while still continuing essential medical care.
  • Increased our capacity to provide flu shots knowing the combination of flu and COVID-19 would make it exceptionally hard to navigate the usual host of cold-weather respiratory illnesses.

As a nonprofit organization, Sansum Clinic re-invests earnings back into the community by continually improving care, equipment and services for our patients.  In difficult times such as these, the Clinic’s commitment to providing high quality care relies increasingly on the generosity of our donors.  Your  philanthropic support will help meet the healthcare needs of our community.   
e are truly grateful for every gift we receive, no matter the amount.  Your support contributes to the good health of everyone in our community.  You are an important partner in our current and future success.  Working together we can continue to better serve you, our patients and the community.  

Exploring new and better ways of delivering expert, compassionate medical care is central to our mission of serving the needs of our community.  Today, Sansum Clinic has more than 200 physicians in over 30 specialties, working collaboratively to help our patients live their healthiest life.  We consider it our privilege to serve you.   

Thank you for your consideration.  Stay safe and know that we are all smiling under our masks.      


Arnie Schaffer
Signature Kurt
Arnold R. Schaffer Kurt N. Ransohoff, MD, FACP

Chair, Board of Trustees

CEO and Chief Medical Officer