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Sansum Clinic is our community’s primary provider of healthcare. Our neighbors, friends and families depend on us. 

We want our patients to start feeling better before they even walk in the door. Caring for our patients begins with the first phone call or first interaction. We want to ensure a positive experience for all patients, so that every moment with Sansum Clinic brings them closer to good health and wellness. 

WE CARE is a communications framework, rooted in the consistent use of empathy, concern and appreciation with our patients and each other. 

We use a simple WE CARE acronym to guide all of our interactions. The regular use of WE CARE helps to build accountability and trust with our patients, and build a positive culture and workplace for our team. 

WE CARE is a helpful reminder of our commitment to elevate the level of respect, engagement and mindfulness we bring to each interaction at our Clinic.