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Bariatric BMI Calculator

Your body mass index (BMI) is used to determine level of obesity, and if your weight is increasing your risk for other serious health issues. Calculate your health risks using our handy tool below.

To qualify for one of Sansum Clinic’s bariatric surgery options, you must have a BMI over 40, which is typically at least 80-100 lbs. overweight. You may also be eligible if your BMI is over 35 and you have certain medical problems caused by obesity.

If your results indicate that you may be a candidate for a weight loss procedure, join us for a free orientation. Our board-certified surgeon, Marc Zerey, MD, will walk through the different types of procedures, including minimally invasive, laparoscopic options that often offer less pain and scarring and a faster recovery.

Call (805) 898-3472 or save your spot at an upcoming weight-loss surgery orientation.

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