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Bariatric Surgery Resources

Considering weight loss surgery? The Sansum Clinic Bariatric Surgery Center is here to help you understand your options.

Start with the helpful resources on this page. If you think a bariatric procedure may help you find the life-changing results you’re seeking, we invite you to attend a free orientation. Board-certified bariatric surgeon, Marc Zerey, MD will provide in-depth information on the different types of procedures he performs, including minimally invasive techniques. From there, you can schedule a private consultation with Dr. Zerey, who will walk through your specific goals and options.

Call (805) 898-3472 or save your spot at an upcoming weight-loss surgery orientation.

Web Resources

Articles & Guides

Videos: Answers from our Bariatric Surgeon

Dr. Zerey discusses severe obesity, including the consequences of being dangerously overweight and some of the latest innovations in weight-loss surgery that offer a new lease on life.

Dr. Zerey answers your bariatric weight-loss surgery questions, including:
  • Why patients may consider bariatric surgery;
  • Criteria to qualify
  • The different types of procedures available
  • The importance of diet before and after weight loss surgery
  • Recommended lifestyle changes; risks; and more

Dr. Marc Zerey discusses the benefits of weight loss surgery, including minimally invasive options which often offer less pain and faster recovery.