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Laparoscopic Bariatric Revision Surgery

As a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence®, Sansum Clinic is here to ensure you find lasting weight loss success. While weight-loss procedures are generally effective for long-term results, sometimes complications arise that must be addressed.

If you’re experiencing any problems following your bariatric procedure, or are not experiencing the life-changing results you expected, you may be a candidate for bariatric revision surgery. Our board-certified surgeon, Marc Zerey, MD, performs this procedure laparoscopically, often offering less pain and scarring, and helping you get back to your life faster.

When Gastric Revision is Necessary

Approximately 10-25% of all bariatric patients require a revisional procedure, for a variety of reasons. The need for bariatric revision surgery can be the result of internal issues, insufficient diet or exercise following the initial weight loss procedure, or:

  • Gastric Bypass Revision. Patients who’ve had gastric bypass surgery occasionally require revision, often because the stomach pouch has stretched. This may slow weight loss, or even cause significant weight regain. Revision surgery can help put you back on track to achieving your weight loss goals.
  • LAP-BAND® Revision Surgery. One of the key benefits of gastric banding surgery is its adjustability—the band can be easily tightened or loosened to maximize success and address any problems—without the need for surgery. Sometimes, though, adjustments do not solve the issue (such as band erosion), and LAP-BAND® revision surgery becomes necessary. Dr. Zerey can perform the procedure to surgically remove the gastric band and convert to a gastric bypass.

Before considering surgery, Dr. Zerey and the dedicated care team at the Sansum Clinic Bariatric Surgery Center will carefully evaluate your need unique situation, checking the anatomy of your stomach and assessing your eating habits and lifestyle.

Learn More About Revisional Surgery at Sansum Clinic

Sansum Clinic is proud to offer our weight-loss surgery program to the Santa Barbara, Lompoc, Santa Maria, Ventura and Bakersfield communities we love to serve.

If you think you may need bariatric revision surgery, please contact our Bariatric Surgery Center at (805) 898-3472 to schedule an appointment or save your spot at an upcoming weight-loss surgery orientation. Dr. Zerey is happy to meet with you and help get back on track toward achieving your weight loss and wellness goals.