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My child is attending Camp Wheez. Their sibling doesn’t have asthma but can they attend camp too?
Unfortunately, no. Camp Wheez is designed especially for children with asthma. We kindly ask that only children who have been diagnosed with asthma by their pediatrician apply for Camp Wheez.

Is COVID vaccination required for all campers and counselors?
Yes. The health and safety of our campers and all who attend Camp Wheez is our highest priority. Since children with asthma have a higher risk for complications from COVID, all campers, counselors, volunteers and staff are required to be up to date on their COVID vaccination. For campers, this includes completion of the primary series (2 shots) and a booster is strongly recommended. For counselors, this includes completion of the primary series (2 shots) and at least 1 booster dose.

If you have questions about the COVID vaccine, please visit for more information. For questions about additional safety measures at Camp Wheez, please contact Camp Director, Youngmi An at

What should campers wear to camp?
  • A camp T-shirt, provided on Monday at camp
  • Closed toe shoes that are good for play
  • Clothes that can get dirty
  • Sun protection – hats, long sleeves and sunblock are a good idea

Is lunch provided?
No. Campers must bring their own lunch and water bottles. No nuts please. We do provide one snack each day.

Can siblings/friends be in the same group?
Campers are divided into groups by age/grade. We cannot guarantee that siblings or friends will be in the same group. Camp is a great opportunity for kids to become more independent and meet new friends!

Can staff administer medication to my child while they’re at camp?
Our Medical Director, Dr. Myron Liebhaber, will be available to discuss any medical concerns on the first day of camp.

My child has severe allergies (or other health concerns). What will happen if they have a problem while at camp?
Dr. Myron Liebhaber and our Camp Nurse will be at camp every day and has supplies to address health problems if they arise.

What is the FeNO test? Can my child opt out of it?
FeNO is a non-invasive pulmonary function test. It involves blowing into a device that measures exhaled nitric oxide, a marker of airway inflammation. This provides the best measure of asthma control and serves as an evaluation tool. Results from this test help us to better understand the impact of asthma education on airway inflammation. Campers are measured on the first and last day of camp.

Participation is optional. Under no circumstances will opting out affect the care that your child will receive at camp. Consent forms will be sent to parents and guardians of registered campers prior to the first day of camp.