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Travel Services

Sansum Clinic Travel and Tropical Medicine Center in Santa Barbara is a certified Yellow Fever vaccine site and an official Stamaril vaccine site. Stamaril vaccines are available by appointment only. 

We specialize in all travel-related issues and illnesses including:

  • Malaria Prophylaxis and Treatment
  • Traveler’s Diarrhea
  • Mosquito Precautions
  • Altitude Illness: Prevention and Treatment
  • Parasitic Infections
  • Bacterial Infections
  • Viral Infections
  • Fungal Infections
  • Travelers with HIV
  • Travelers with Medical Conditions

Travelers are provided with their own packet of printed information with specific written information about their country of destination, appropriate maps delineating malaria risk areas, and pre-travel check lists of useful supplies. Specific information on rabies prevention, altitude illness, and water exposure risks are provided when appropriate.


“Before I travelled abroad, Dr. Scully provided me with my own packet of printed information with written information specific to the country I was going to, along with maps delineating malaria risk areas, and pre-travel check lists of useful supplies. ”
— M Y
“It was such a pleasure to meet with Dr. Scully. I feel she was extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic! We appreciate her common sense approach and her great explanations. She was so pleasurable to meet with.”
— J.
“My wife and I had appointments with Dr. Mary-Lousie Scully today. In our opinion, her knowledge of travel issues and potential health problems was complete. Her presentation was both detailed and concise and she was a lovely person to talk with. Our combined thanks. Dr. Scully is a great representative for Sansum Clinic.”
— Fred