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Travel and Immunization PaymentProviding prompt care to ill travelers is always a priority. For Travel Related Illness and Infectious Disease Care we bill according to your insurance coverage.


Every attempt is made to determine if your insurance will cover your travel vaccinations and other pre-travel related care. However, in many cases, vaccines or pre-travel care may not be covered. Payment or co-payment for vaccines or other expenses that are your responsibility are due at the time of the visit.
We accept cash, check, VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards.

Cash Pricing

Vaccine Cost

Hepatitis A Vaccine - Two shot series (0, 6 months) $113*
Hepatitis B Vaccine - Three shot series (0, 1, 6 months) $132*
Hepatitis A/Hepatitis B (Twinrix) - Three shot series (0, 1, 6 months) $169*
JE Virus Vacc. (Ixiaro) - Two shot series (0, 7-28) $401*
M-M-R $131
Mennigococl (MenB) Vaccine
Mennigococl Menactra (MCV4) Vaccine 
Polio Vaccine, Inactivated $56
Rabies Vaccine - Three shots Pre-exp. (0, 7 & 21-18 days) $421*
Td (tentanus/diptheria), age 7+ years $51.10
Tdap (tetanus/dip/pertussis), age 7+ years (Travel patient pricing only. See note below.) $44.70
Typhoid, Oral (4 dose pkt.) $117.60
Typhoid (TyphimVi) $151
Varicella $227
Yellow Fever Vaccine $225
 Cholera Vaccine  $295
Immunization Administration $42
Immunization Administration, each add'l. $25.20

*Costs are per shot for vaccines in a series.

NOTE: Tdap and other vaccines may be covered by your insurance. Please check with your insurance provider about your costs for these vaccines for non-travel purposes. 

Office Visit Fee will depend on time spent with physician. The average cost for a consultation is $150 - $200 for cash paying patients. This can vary depending on the time and complexity of the visit, the need for various medications such as malaria and diarrhea drugs, explanations of potential side effects, and a patient's personal health issues.