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Contemplating Your Next Step Toward Weight Loss?

Here is a MAP of three things that will help you get started

However you choose to lose weight, it's critical to think about what your long term benefits are, how to build in systems to be successful and to keep those systems afloat.

M: Motivation – why do you want to lose weight?

For you? For a family member? For a doctor? Your success will be longer-lived if you have something that motivates you, specifically. For example: you would like to stop taking medications for your high blood pressure or your diabetes. Or, you would like to reduce the joint pain in your knees. You would like to spend more quality time (playing and interacting) with your kids, or grand kids. These types of motivating factors are things that you want to experience for yourself – your end result is not for anyone else.


A: Accountability – enlist someone to hold you to your word.

If you feel like you can do it alone, and “be accountable to yourself”, you’ll likely find that you can become tired of focusing on the commitment that you’ve made to yourself. This can cause you to make excuses and fall off-track. An impartial person, preferably a professional, someone who you respect, is your best bet. For example: a coach, mentor, clergy, teacher, therapist or other medical professional, or some sort of group setting. They can help to keep you focused on your goal.


P: Plan – think ahead and plot out your course of action.

A plan helps you consider obstacles.  Set up a written plan to include daily, weekly, and monthly action steps. For example: On Sunday, you might set this plan for the week: walk for 30 minutes twice - Monday and Wednesday at lunchtime.  Set alarm to start wrapping up work tasks at 11:45. Walk from 12 to 12:30. Tuesday and Thursday - have 3 servings of vegetables: 1 with lunch and 2 with dinner. Go to store Monday after work – get frozen peppers, fresh broccoli and green beans.  This type of plan will help you when you are indecisive or tired, or both.


Your Accountability partner will help remind you of your Motivating factors, provide perspective on challenges you may face and help you stick with your Plan.

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