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Medical Supervision

Medical Supervision allows the program patients to lose weight quickly and safely. Using HMR Program's Decision Free Diet, patients enjoy solely meal replacements for all of their nutritional needs and are able to take off a significant amount of weight.

Medically supervised patients see the Doctors' Weight Program physicians at regular intervals throughout the duration of the diet program. This will be every 1, 2 or 3 weeks, depending on medical conditions. Visits occur at the Doctors' Weight Management Program Clinic.

Supervision involves regular system reviews, medication management and lab work, done at the Doctors' Weight Management Program Clinic. 

Prior to joining the medically supervised program, patients are required to obtain a referral from their primary physician, complete a health history questionnaire, submit recent blood work,  and complete an EKG test. 

The first step is to attend an orientation session to learn more about this diet and others offered at the Doctors' Weight Management Program.

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View the Orientation schedule -  Doctors' Weight Management Program Orientation and then call (805) 563-6190 to register for a session. (No cost, no obligation.)