Weight Loss Options

In-Clinic Options - Phase 1
Our Medically Supervised Program promotes rapid, safe and significant weight loss. Medical monitoring is provided by physicians Christopher Donner, MD, FACP, FACE and Anne V. White, DO. Combined with  classes, coaching (support and accountability) and HMR meal replacements (Decision Free Diet) you can lose weight with behavior-based strategies but without being hungry. 

A moderate version of this program is also available called Healthy Solutions, which incorporates the use of fruits and vegetables in addition to HMR meal replacements. This is a structured plan that is easy to follow and is offered without medical supervision (medical supervision required for diabetic patients).

Keeping the Weight Off - Phase 2
After the weight loss phase of the in-clinic program, participants continue to attend weekly classes where they receive support and accountability while learning additional strategies for successful long-term weight management.
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Self-Directed Option

Food temptations are everywhere! That’s why HMR offers remote support for weight loss via group phone classes, facilitated by expert health coaches and attended by a community of people who share many of your goals and struggles. This is not a medically supervised program and you will need to ask your doctor before participating in this self-directed remote option.