What Our Patients Say

"I wish that I had known I could fill out a review sooner. Never have I experienced a more supportive and outstanding medical staff in all of my life. From the time that I called to schedule an appointment, I was treated with respect by the savvy staff at all levels of Sansum Clinic. I was given relevant information from parking and office location with specific details on traveling here and services offered by jubilant staff. When I was seen by Dr. Benjamin Howard, he listened to my grievances with patience and understanding and offered me explanations to accompany his solutions. Following surgery I was contacted personally by the doctor and staff, written a letter, and sent a text message to check on my recovery. Finally, the scar I have from the surgery is minimal and the doctor was able to operate without touching my tattoo! I can't express how wonderful it feels to be treated by benevolent staff who take pride in all they do. In the future I will recommend you all to anyone I know experiencing medical issues."
— Christopher
"Our son, 11, was diagnosed with allergy-induced asthma at the age of two, following a terrifying 2 a.m. dash to the emergency room. He had awoken in the night having trouble catching his breath. We were referred to Dr. Myron Liebhaber of Sansum Clinic, who explained what steps we needed to take to minimize Max's symptoms. Today, my son leads a happy, active life and Dr. Liebhaber carefully monitors hiss progress on an on-going basis. This past summer was my son's 5th year at the Camp. He benefits so much from the education he receives at Camp Wheez, which has helped him become more empowered in the role he can personally take in the day-to-day management of his condition. Most importantly, the camp provides a week of energetic fun, performance and hands-on activities. My son has forged several friendships over the years through Camp Wheez and hopes to eventually become one of the volunteer counselors at the Camp! Our family is so appreciative of the support we receive from Dr. Liebhaber and Sansum Clinic."
— Jackie Dave
"I've been diabetic for about three years now. In that time, I've seen doctors at Sansum Clinic to work with me on managing my diabetes, and while those doctors have all been just fabulous and a great resource, it's really nice to have an educator. It's one-on-one, and Lyda makes me feel so comfortable in being able to ask questions. I've seen some advertisements for diabetes-related products on television, and I'll always ask Lyda about those. Well, she always has those products right there in her office, so she'll get it and I can always see it right then and there; then we'll decide together if that product is a good option for me, or if there might be a healthier option. She's always very encouraging; she encouraged me to use a glucose monitoring system, which I really enjoyed. Then she switched me over to a pump, and now I love it! She's like a cheerleader. She's always so positive and supportive. I see her every three months, and I always leave with information I needed, all of my questions answered, and feeling really positive about managing my diabetes. We live three hours away from Sansum Clinic, but I've always had such amazing care under the doctors, and seeing Lyda every three months is well worth the drive. I can't imagine going anywhere else."
— Melissa W
"I had a bone density with Farrah and a mammogram with Lisa. Both of them were so knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I would never go to any other place since we have respectful, hard working, knowledgeable people like Farrah and Lisa at Sansum. Thanks to both of them. Awesome, great service."
— J M
"My wife and I had appointments with Dr. Mary-Lousie Scully today. In our opinion, her knowledge of travel issues and potential health problems was complete. Her presentation was both detailed and concise and she was a lovely person to talk with. Our combined thanks. Dr. Scully is a great representative for Sansum Clinic."
— Fred

"I had Gastric Bypass Surgery by Dr. Zerey and a hysterectomy by Dr. Raphael. Both procedures went very well. I received excellent care by both doctors and their staff. Your clinic is very caring in making sure I was taken care of. I am very blessed to have Sansum in my life."
— C N