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Doctors' Weight Management Program

In its 30th Year

The Doctors’ Weight Management Program at Sansum Clinic is celebrating 30 years of successful weight loss. The medically supervised program (phone, fax, hours, directions) is a behavioral weight management program that addresses obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes (and pre-diabetes), metabolic syndrome, joint pain and other illnesses and conditions associated with weight management and obesity. The program uses HMR Weight Management’s meal replacements (entrees, shakes, cereal, soup, pudding, bars) as the foundation of the diet.

HMR is the leading provider of medically-based weight management programs in clinics, hospitals and major medical centers throughout the country. Sansum Clinic is recognized by HMR as a Gold Standard Program, achieving the highest compliance and success of all HMR programs.

“HMR Programs excel at providing the jump start many people need when beginning a healthier lifestyle program,” says Donna Gill, Manager of the Doctors’ Weight Management Program at Sansum Clinic. “A common misconception is that losing weight quickly is not healthy, not sustainable, and will just lead to future weight re-gain,” adds Gill.  “To the contrary, numerous clinical studies demonstrate that following a lifestyle change program which promotes fast initial weight loss can result in better long-term success.”

When you’re ready to start or re-start your 2016 resolution, give us a call or sign up to attend a free, no obligation Orientation session. We can help you reach your goals in a world where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to successfully manage your weight.  

Watch the inspring stories of Gary Pickavet and Sansum Clinic trustee Julie McGovern as they explain how the Doctors' Weight Management Program at Sansum Clinic helped them change their lifestyles and lose more than 100 pounds each. 

Chef Jamie West Believes in Great Food

Good Health - Issue 6 - Spring 2013…and lost 90 pounds on the Doctors’ Weight Management Program. Find out how he did it or read the full in-depth interview with Chef Jamie West here.

Our Weight Loss Program is Different

The Doctors' Weight Management Program is a medically sound and effective behavioral weight loss program. It was developed by a behavioral psychologist and is supervised by our Sansum Clinic physicians.

Weight Loss Professionals

Our staff is comprised of healthcare professionals with expertise and experience in implementing high quality programs in behavioral medicine. Our goal is to help you lose weight while teaching you the skills you need to manage your weight successfully long-term.

Weight Loss and Dieting

All of our weight loss options utilize high quality nutritional meal replacements. Mandatory weekly group classes focus on easy ways to lower fat and calories as well as simple strategies to add physical activity and more fruits and vegetables into your daily routine. Participants have a health educator to help them set goals and reach them through a structure of personal accountability and follow-up.

Weight Loss Program Benefits

Those enrolled in the Doctors' Weight Management Program can experience significant improvement in their health. Most patients with high blood pressure or diabetes are able to reduce or eliminate medications, and patients can dramatically reduce their risk of heart disease and other weight related conditions.

Weight Loss Program: Weight Loss Options

In-Clinic Options

Medically Supervised Program 

This program promotes rapid and significant weight loss under medical supervision.  It is ideal for patients who want to lose 30 pounds or more, or whose health requires medical monitoring.

A moderate version of this program is also available called Healthy Solutions, which includes a moderate weight loss option that incorporates the use of fruits and vegetables.   This structured plan that is easy to follow and is offered with or without medical supervision.

At Home Options

New HMR @ Home Diet Kits

These convenient kits include the same HMR weight-loss foods and comprehensive support materials that are used in the clinic program, packaged for at-home dieting.
Available with or without additional phone support. 

 Keeping Weight Off

After the weight loss phase of the program, participants attend weekly maintenance classes where they continue to receive support while learning additional, simple strategies for successful long-term weight management.

First Step Toward Weight Loss and Dieting

If you are interested in learning more about our weight loss programs, please call us for the date of the next free informational orientation. There is no obligation and we assure you the information you receive will be useful to you in your future efforts to lose or maintain your weight.

Call (805) 563-6190 or Register Online for our Free Orientation: Doctors' Weight Management Program Orientation (Ongoing)

Ready to lose weight, improve your health, and live life to the fullest?

The Doctors' Weight Management Program has helped many individuals improve their overall health. We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your weight loss goal.

More than Just a Diet...We Help You Make Lifestyle Changes.

Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI)

Your body mass index (BMI) may be an indicator that your weight could be adversly affecting your health. Calculate your health risks using our handy BMI Calculator:


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