Effective December 31, 2018, Sansum Clinic will cease its current operations in Lompoc.  We have reached an agreement with Lompoc Valley Medical Center, which will acquire our building and provide ongoing operations of the building and its clinical activities.  The center will be closed on January 1, 2019 for the New Year’s Day holiday, as well as January 2, to allow for the transaction.  Lompoc Valley Medical Center will reopen the center on January 3 as LOMPOC Health North H Center.  In the future, we anticipate that Sansum Clinic will provide some specialty services at that location, though those details are not yet finalized.   We think this transaction will provide a long-term stable platform for an excellent healthcare delivery system for the Lompoc Valley.

Some of you may have already received notifications from us in the past few months about your doctor leaving Sansum Clinic.  Some of you may have already received notice from us about our inability to continue with your care and we have already suggested other providers who can assume your care.  As a result, we will try to address the different circumstances that you may want to know about.

  1. What will happen to my provider-- either an NP or PA or physician?

    Some of our physicians and other providers have left the clinic in the last few months and you will have already been notified if that is the case.  With the exception of Dr. Cai, who will be going to the Solvang Sansum Clinic branch, the remaining clinicians will be staying with Lompoc Valley Medical Center’s practice called LOMPOC Health North H Center.

  2. How do I continue to see my clinician?


    Before January 3, you will contact Sansum Clinic at (805) 737-8700 and an appointment will be made for you.  After January 3, you will need to call LOMPOC Health North H Center to make an appointment for you. To make this transition as seamless as possible, the facility’s phone number remains the same after the transition.

  3. What if I am Dr. Cai’s patient and have seen him already and want to see him in the future?

    After the New Year, Dr. Cai will be relocating to Sansum Country Clinic, located at 2027 Village Lane, Suite 102, in Solvang.   If you have already established care with Dr. Cai and are scheduled for follow up visits, you will be advised that he is now seeing patients at Sansum Country Clinic in Solvang and will be offered to schedule an appointment with him there.  If you prefer not to travel, you will be offered a new visit with the remaining or new Lompoc providers at LOMPOC Health North H Center. If you are scheduled on or after January 3 for an initial appointment with Dr. Cai, you will be called by the Sansum Clinic staff in Lompoc and offered to establish care with the remaining or new Lompoc providers at LOMPOC Health North H Center.

  4. What about Urgent Care?

    Sansum Clinic transitioned from providing urgent care services to providing same-day appointments earlier this year.  We anticipate that this arrangement with LOMPOC Health North H Center will allow for new and expanded Urgent Care operations in the future.  LOMPOC Health North H Center plans to provide walk-in Urgent Care starting January 3 in the same location it was previously offered. As providers are available, LOMPOC Health North H Center anticipates offering Urgent Care services daily, with hours of operation still being determined.

  5. What about my records?

    Your clinical information will remain available to the providers at LOMPOC Health North H Center’s operations to ensure no gaps in care during this transition.  Some of the information will be automatically transferred into the LOMPOC Health North H Center electronic record system.   The LOMPOC Health North H Center providers will also be able to access the Sansum electronic system as needed.   Additionally, patients may request copies of their Sansum Clinic medical record electronically through MyChart or in writing by completing an Access to Protected Health Information form from the Sansum Clinic Release of Information Department (ROI) and returning it to ROI in person, via fax to 805-692-4699, or by mailing the signed and dated form to Sansum Clinic ROI Department, 89 S. Patterson Ave., Santa Barbara, CA 93111. 

  6. Will my MyChart account still be active?

    If you have a Sansum Clinic MyChart account you will continue to have access to your personal health information and you can continue to interact with the offices of any Sansum Clinic specialists you have seen in the past 30 months.  However, interaction with your primary care provider will transition to LOMPOC Health North H Center’s patient portal, called eClinical Works, as of January 3.  You may request patient portal access at your next 2019 visit or by calling the Center after the January 3 transition.

  7. What if I have an HMO insurance through Sansum?

At this time, you will be able to stay on your HMO plan and continue to see your current provider at LOMPOC Health North H Center.  

Please note, you will continue to receive billing statements from both Sansum Clinic and Pacific Diagnostics Laboratory (PDL) until all open accounts are reconciled. 

For more information about the transition, please visit lompocvmc.com