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For our Doctors' Weight Management Program Phase 1 patients, please find your Enrollment Documents below: 

Enrollment Checklist - Have you decided that you'd like to join the program? Use this checklist to work through the onboarding steps, including the pre-diet testing required.
Which Diet is Right for Me? - Compare the Healthy Solutions and Decision Free diets side by side.
Summary of Fees - Classes and coaching, along with the cost of the HMR Meal Replacements.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - The most commonly asked questions we get, from people who are researching the program.
HMR Product Information - Meal Replacement information.

Application and Medical Evaluation Documents - please log in to your MyChart to complete these documents:

Application Page 1
Med Eval I Health History
Med Eval II Medications

HMR Program Association

The costs associated with participation in the program are below. Please select based on the type of insurance that you have, or if you do not have insurance, select "self pay".




Out-of-Network Insurance


Healthy Solutions® (no medical supervision)