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Photo or Video Policy

Sansum Clinic has a “No Photo, Video or Recording" policy.

Photography, video or audio recording of any kind is not permitted within, nor outside the premises of any Sansum Clinic facility.

This policy is in place to protect patient privacy, enhance confidentiality, and maintain security. With your safety and the safety of Clinic staff in mind we ask that you refrain from videotaping or taking photos, videos or recordings of any kind with your camera, cell phone, smart phone, tablet, or any other  device without prior consent and supervision of the site Manager.

Our staff, doctors and other providers are not permitted to give you permission to take photos or recordings within Clinic facilities and are authorized to enforce this policy. For additional information, please speak to a Sansum Clinic Manager on-site.

If you would like to obtain copies, electronic images or other records of your medical visits, please sign in or register for MyChart or contact us to access your medical records.

Thank you for your cooperation and consideration of all our patients.