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MyChart for Teens

Allowing teen access to MyChart is one way of providing the best possible care to teens.

For proxy access to a teen’s MyChart account, the teen patient themselves must first have an active MyChart account. If a patient age 12-17 would like to request a MyChart account, they can sign up online, or by contacting the MyChart Help Desk at 805-898-3333.

Please note that the MyChart account request must be made by the teen patient. Once the teen has their own active MyChart account, they have the option to grant others proxy access from within their account. It's recommended that teens activate their MyChart accounts remotely when possible. If teens and their parents would prefer to activate the Teen’s MyChart account while on-site, that’s an option as well.

We recommend that teens have their own email address and phone number on file whenever possible, but we understand that is not always possible. School-related email addresses are most likely intended for school-related activity, so we recommend that school email addresses NOT be used.

A main benefit of MyChart access for teens is that it allows them to see a list of past and upcoming appointments, and to launch Telehealth visits from within MyChart