Care Management Program

Our Care Manager works closely with patients to track progress to achieving health goals while managing their chronic conditions. This program is designed to help patients living with complex health issues, disabilities, or in active treatment avoid disruptions to their care. Care Management ensures that care is provided to individuals as seamlessly as possible and minimizes the potential for duplication of services. 

Care Manager as Part of Your Healthcare Team

Our Care Manager assists patients in managing their health condition, prioritizing their healthcare needs and navigating an increasingly complex healthcare system. Patients and their family members act as "partners in care" with the Care Manager by identifying their personal goals, engaging in education, and participating in strategies to facilitate compliance. 

Creating a Self-Care Plan

Our Care Manager gives special attention to care planning and self-care support. A self-care plan serves as a "road map" to improving health. The Care Manager will share the plan with the patient's Primary Care Provider (PCP), and will work closely with patients to:
  • Incorporate preferences, and include current issues, medications and allergies; connect patients with our Prescription Navigator to ensure safe and effective use of medications if applicable.
  • Utilize lifestyle and treatment goals.
  • Address potential barriers to meeting goals and strategies. 

Patient-Centered Medical Home

The Care Management Program works closely with our Patient-Centered Medical Home, a new model for primary care where all aspects of patient care are coordinated through PCPs to ensure patients receive excellent care in the right place, at the right time, and in the manner that best suits their needs. Our Patient-Centered Medical Home is not a place, it's a partnership among practitioners, patients and families and other members of the healthcare team to ensure that patients have the education and support needed to make informed decisions and participate in their own healthcare.

Advanced Care Planning 

Our Care Manager refers patients to our Advance Care Planning services.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Care Manager 

Patients can receive one-on-one guidance from our Care Manager via in-office visit or telephone call. Our Care Manager also provides education and referral to Sansum Clinic and community resources, including Sansum Clinic Health Education Classes.

To schedule an appointment, please call (805) 681-7580.

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