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SansumCare Program

Previously known as Patient-Centered Medical Home

Patient Centered Medical HomeOur SansumCare program (previously known as Patient Center Medical Home) is a model of care delivery for primary care where all aspects of your care are coordinated through your Primary Care Provider (PCP) to ensure you receive excellent care in the right place, at the right time, and in the manner that best suits your needs.

Although the SansumCare term may be new to you, this is a model of care delivery in primary care we have always delivered at Sansum Clinic, with a focus on comprehensive, coordinated care, and compassionate care with an emphasis on quality and safety. 

SansumCare is a partnership among practitioners, patients, families, and other healthcare team members to ensure you have the education and support you need to make informed decisions and participate in your own healthcare.

Primary Care Providers

Primary care providers serve as the frontline of preventive healthcare. Our primary care providers offer primary healthcare services and provide coordinated care between our primary care providers and highly trained specialists, allowing for consistent access to comprehensive care - right here in our own community.

Preventive Healthcare

At Sansum Clinic, our primary care providers consider the whole person in preventive and diagnostic healthcare, rather than individual systems or organs. Our integrated model is built upon a team approach that brings together physicians, nurse practitioners, medical assistants, nurses, and other clinical staff to deliver coordinated care that includes:

  • Preventive healthcare
  • Management of existing medical conditions
  • Healthcare plans for chronic conditions
  • Coordination between PCPs and specialists
  • Access to and education about self-care between appointments

Our primary care providers coordinate our patient's care and manage medical conditions associated with that care, bringing in specialists as needed. Internists combine the role of a diagnostician and a consultant in disease prevention and health promotion, providing a continuum of care for patients with physicians across various specialties when multisystem diseases occur.

If our patients require care from physicians in other Sansum Clinic specialties or require lab testing or radiology imaging, our primary care providers coordinate the care and consult on issues related to diagnosis, treatment, and patient care. The Wave, our electronic health record system enables all healthcare providers to share information, making the referral and consultation process more efficient.  The Population Health Department, which works closely with primary care providers, is staffed with Care Coordinators and Registered Nurse Care Managers that specifically focus on the preventive healthcare needs and coordination of care for all primary care patients, including those that are medically high-risk.  

All primary care staff are required to attend yearly training to continually improve their understanding of the aspects of Preventive Healthcare. Sansum Clinic cannot thank our staff enough for their leadership, time, and dedication toward this effort. It is because of our staff that we were able to design and implement these tools and workflows. SansumCare not only positions Sansum Clinic well in the face of an ever-changing healthcare environment, but it allows us to reinforce and showcase how we care for our patients – with a comprehensive, coordinated, and compassionate approach.