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Laser Eye Care Center

Laser Eye Surgery

The Laser Eye Care Center at Sansum Clinic in Santa Barbara offers the most advanced treatment options available for a full range of vision conditions, with technologies including:

  • Advanced CustomVue: innovative vision correction procedure that enables our laser eye surgeon to measure each person’s unique imperfections 25 times more precisely than standard LASIK—and to design an individualized treatment accordingly.
  • IntraLase: the first 100% blade-free technology for performing the critical first step in the LASIK procedure, creating the corneal flap. Not only does IntraLase mitigate surgical risks, it’s proven to provide superior results.
  • iLASIK: Combines the benefits of IntraLase and Advanced CustomVue technologies in one safe and effective procedure—first, to create the corneal flap without a traditional blade, then to correct vision with unprecedented precision.
  • PRK (photoreactive keratectomy) surgery: uses a computer-guided excimer laser to reshape the cornea; ideal for patients with thin corneas or mild corneal scars, or those who have undergone previous glaucoma surgery.

Are you ready for laser eye surgery? Find out what you need to know about laser eye surgery at the Laser Eye Care Center.

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