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Asthma DIGMA Group

Doctor's Interactive Group Medical Appointment

Patients love DIGMAs! DIGMAs deliver high quality, innovative and cost-saving medical care to many patients. Sansum Clinic has been conducting asthma DIGMAs for many years with great success in a group setting.

Download the (PDF) and read our feature article about DIGMAs from Good Health Magazine (Fall 2011)

What is a DIGMA?

It’s an engaging, friendly forum for patient education and self-management.

The DIGMA program allows physicians to evaluate asthmatic patients on a weekly basis and provide disease education. In addition, these group visits allow patients to interact with one another in a mutually supportive environment. Family members are also encouraged to attend.

Our allergists and immunologists address medical concerns, a behaviorist facilitates group discussion and psychosocial issues, and an asthma educator addresses specific questions regarding monitoring and equipment.

Benefits of DIGMAs

  1. Patients and their doctors are together for an hour or more.
  2. Patients benefit from being able to hear how others with a similar condition are treated, whether they have similar side effects to medicines and show improved compliance with treatment.
  3. Doctors may be reminded of issues by one patient that applies to other patients in the group.
  4. Having a chronic illness can be very isolating; the group format virtually eliminates the isolation that so often accompanies illness.
Patients are referred to the Asthma Drop-In Group Medical Appointments (DIGMAs) by our Allergy providers only.