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Hospitalist Program

Who Refers to the Hospitalist Program?

Many of the PCPs within Sansum Clinic utilize the services of our Hospitalists. It is also common for other specialists to consult Hospitalists to assist in your care.  The Hospitalist Program has extended its services to several groups within the Santa Barbara area including:

  • Sansum Clinic in Lompoc
  • Sansum Clinic in Carpinteria
  • Jackson Medical Group
  • Sansum Country Clinic in Solvang

Click here for phone, fax, hours and directions to the Pueblo Multi-Specialty Clinic.

How Does The Hospitalist Program Benefit Me?

As a patient, you experience multiple benefits from our Hospitalist Program. First, you benefit from a team of physicians that dedicate their practice to inpatient medicine allowing them to attain a special expertise in acute care. They are readily available during the day to coordinate your ongoing care.

In case of changes in your medical status, we have arranged for a Hospitalist to be available every hour of every day. The Hospitalists work closely with other members of the physician team (e.g., PCPs and specialists) to ensure that you receive the best care.  Since the inception of our Hospitalist Program, we have experienced improved physician/staff and physician/patient communication.  Additionally, we have been able to increase the number of available outpatient appointment slots, improving access for you.

Background Information

Sansum Clinic has been a leader in healthcare in our area since 1921. Our multi-specialty group now has over 150 physicians to provide you, our patients, with the best possible medical care on the Central Coast. As part of our commitment to exceptional medical care, Sansum Clinic has actively supported the use of hospital based Internal
Medicine physicians to care for our hospitalized patients.

The Hospitalist Program was formalized in 1999 with the creation of the first full time program in Santa Barbara. Our care directed goals were simple; provide timely, exceptional, compassionate, efficient medical care for hospitalized patients. This melded extremely well with our institutional goals, enabling our Primary Care Physicians to concentrate their time on increasingly demanding office based care.

Our Hospitalist Program was started to benefit our patients. We believe the program has increased patient access to physicians both in the office and at the hospital.  Hospitalists are in the hospital for most of the working day, allowing our Office Physicians to better serve you by focusing their expertise on your ongoing outpatient needs.

What is a Hospitalist?

A Hospitalist is a physician who devotes his or her entire workday to the care of hospitalized patients. The Hospitalist specializes in the care of the acutely ill by managing their medical needs throughout the hospitalization. All of Sansum Clinic's Hospitalists are board certified in their respective fields.

What Does a Hospitalist Do?

Hospitalists spend their days in the hospital coordinating your medical care by ordering diagnostic testing and implementing therapeutic services. They often collaborate with other specialists to monitor and guide your medical needs. A member of the Hospitalist team will see you daily and discuss your care with you and your family.

Will My Primary Care Physician (PCP) See Me in the Hospital?

Hospitalists admit and care for patients of other physicians who are increasingly focusing their expertise and time on outpatient medicine. Your PCP has requested that a Hospitalist coordinate your care while in the hospital.

As a result, once the decision is made to admit you to the hospital, a member of the Hospitalist team will evaluate you upon your arrival and will provide your care throughout your hospital stay. Your PCP will be kept informed about the plan for your care and will also be informed about your progress during your hospitalization.

How Do I Contact My Hospitalist?

To ensure timely access to information regarding your medical condition, test results, and treatment plan, a Hospitalist will see you daily and answer any questions at that time.  Should you or your family have additional questions, have your nurse page the Hospitalist or call the Sansum Clinic operator at 681-7500.

What Happens When I Leave the Hospital?

As your medical condition dictates, a Hospitalist will meet with you to discuss your medical needs when you are released from the hospital. Often other members of your care team, such as a Case Manager, may also be in contact with you and your family.

Once the level of care you will need when you leave the hospital is determined, your Hospitalist will assist your Case Manager in arranging for any ongoing care. Examples include arranging for home care needs, transferring to another facility, or being discharged home.

A comprehensive care plan will be developed prior to your discharge, which includes your medications, any therapy or nursing needs, as well as recommendations for possible future medical needs.  Your PCP will also be notified of your release from the hospital and he or she will see you shortly after you are discharged.

Does My Primary Care Physician Know About My Hospital Care?

Your PCP will be notified by phone when you are discharged from the hospital. Any critical medical information will be verbally communicated to your PCP at that time. Additionally, a comprehensive summary of your hospital stay (called a discharge summary) will be sent to your PCP.

How Soon Should I See My Primary Care Physician?

A Hospitalist will coordinate your ongoing medical needs with your PCP. Together they will determine the best time for your next appointment. In general, the Hospitalist Program recommends seeing your PCP within 7 to 10 working days of your release from the hospital.


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