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Sansum Clinic Foothill Surgery Center

Foothill Surgery Center: Latest Equipment and Technology

Our state-of-the-art equipment provides for less invasive surgical procedures, resulting in minimal recovery time and an enhanced patient experience. Our four surgical suites are equipped with the most current technology supporting the ever changing demands of our surgeons and patients.

Foothill Surgery Center Technology | Sansum Clinic
All operating suites are equipped with state-of-the-art radiologic imaging capabilities, high definition video monitors and video integration system that allows for immediate viewing of diagnostic results electronically.

We are one of the only facilities on the Central Coast offering the Iridex Cyclo G6 Galucoma Laser System and Femtosecond Laser leading the way in refractive cataract surgery.

Our surgeons use the Faxitron BioVision. The BioVision raises the standard of care to new heights for patients undergoing surgical excision or breast biopsy procedures by providing immediate verification of excised breast tissue margins.

Onsite Radiology

Our Radiology Department offers onsite services for patients needing X-rays to better diagnose their condition.

Why trust Foothill Surgery Center with your surgical care?