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Ethics & Compliance Program

Confidential Message Line

The Sutter Health Confidential Message Line is available to anyone with an ethical, compliance, privacy, or information security concern, including but not limited to, employees, patients, clinicians, and vendors.

You may remain anonymous when reporting a compliance or privacy issue/concern. Sutter Health supports the policy of Non-Retaliation/ Non-Retribution for reporting a compliance issue/concern.

Additional Resources

The Confidential Message Line is only one of the many resources available to you for reporting compliance issues/concerns. Additional Resources include (but are not limited to): your supervisor, supervisor's superior, Human Resources, Risk Management, HIPAA Privacy or Security Officer, and/or Compliance Officer.


Access the Sansum Clinic Ethics & Compliance Office: 
Phone: (805) 681-1719
Address:  Sansum Clinic, ATTN: Compliance, 470 S. Patterson Avenue, Santa Barbara, CA 93111 
Access the Sansum Clinic Privacy Office:
Phone: (855) 771-4220
Address: Sansum Clinic, ATTN: Privacy/Information Security, 470 S. Patterson Avenue, Santa Barbara, CA 93111