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Vascular Ultrasound

Exam Description

Your doctor has ordered a vascular ultrasound. A vascular ultrasound is a noninvasive test that can be used to assess the blood flow through your blood vessels. The test is safe and painless. The scan can help diagnose such medical conditions as blood clots, poorly functioning valves in your leg veins, decreased blood circulation in your legs, bulging arteries (aneurysms), and narrowing of an artery, such as in your neck (carotid artery stenosis).  

How Do I Get Ready For My Exam?

  • Renal Doppler exams require fasting (NPO) for 8 hours.
  • No preparation is necessary for other vascular ultrasound exams.
  • Please wear comfortable clothes (ideally without metal) and leave your jewelry and valuables at home.
  • If you have any questions about the exam, please call: (805) 898-3140.

What Should I Do After Arriving For My Exam?

  • Please check in at main registration and then check in at the Surgery department located on the first floor at 317 West Pueblo Street, Santa Barbara, CA.
  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment for registration purposes. 

What Should I Expect During My Exam?

  • The vascular ultrasound technologist will explain your exam and answer any questions you may have.
  • Your vascular ultrasound procedure requires you to lay down flat on your back on the scanning table.
  • The vascular ultrasound technologist will apply warm gel to the skin of the area to be scanned. This gel is necessary to help the sound waves to get from the machine into your body.
  • A transducer, a small device, will be placed over the area of interest during the examination.
  • Sound waves will bounce off the muscle and tissue in your body and off the blood moving in your arteries. This creates "echoes." The echoes are reflected back to the transducer. A monitor shows images as the transducer converts the echoes to electronic signals.
  • The exam will take approximately 60 minutes. 

What Do I Do After My Exam?

  • There are no post-exam instructions.
  • The images of your scan will be examined by a radiologist and the results will be sent to your referring physician.
  • Your referring physician will review the results with you.
  • You can request copies of your images on a CD-ROM or your report, by calling (805) 692-6435.


  • Please call (805) 898-3140 to schedule your scan.