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Rehabilitation & Extended Care (SNF)

Providing Continuing Care to Our Patients in Skilled Nursing Facilities

Sansum Clinic’s Rehabilitation and Extended Care department offers:

  • Individualized rehabilitation
  • Assistance for patients and their families in returning to the community in full or partial recovery
  • Help with transition to extended care

We also provide rehabilitation after hospitalization, wound care, custodial long-term care, and end-of-life care.

We are exclusive providers at the following locations:

  • Alto Lucero Transitional Care Center
  • Buena Vista Health Center
  • Samarkand Smith Health Center
  • Santa Barbara Californian Skilled Nursing Facility
  • Valle Verde Health Center
  • Vista Del Monte Health Center
  • Casa Dorinda Health Center

Expert Care

Our board-certified physicians and registered nurses have specialized training and expertise in assisting our patient in these settings. The department received the Community Partner in Excellence Award in 2015. 

Call the Rehabilitation & Extended Care Department for skilled nursing services.