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Physical Therapy

IMPORTANT: Physical Therapy is now located at 5385 Hollister Avenue, Building 1 in Goleta. This location is hard to find! The easiest way is to follow Patterson Avenue past Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital, turn right into the driveway immediately before Ekwill Street. Click here for a map. If you have any challenges finding us, call (805) 681-7781.

Comprehensive Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services

The Sansum Clinic Physical Therapy Department works closely with our patients to improve their function and quality of life.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services

We treat private patients and work-related patients who have experienced injuries, general orthopedic or neurological dysfunction. Our physical therapists have specialized experience in rehabilitation for post-surgical patients and in the treatment of work and sports related general musculoskeletal, hand, knee and ankle injuries. We also care for patients in need of balance disorders and fall prevention. Our occupational therapist works with patients who need assistance in learning skills to help them lead independent, productive and satisfying lives. In addition, we have the most highly-trained lymphedema therapist in Santa Barbara.

Physical Therapy Imaging Access

One advantage to having physical therapy as part of your Sansum Clinic services is easy access to your information and x-rays, MRIs and CT scans. Available online over a secured server, the therapist has immediate access to images of your injury.

This access allows them to better formulate your treatment approach. Additionally, your therapist can access the recorded audio comments your physician has made concerning your injury, allowing ever-greater precision and coordination in treatment.

Our therapists develop individualized therapeutic exercise programs using manual treatments and other therapies, which are accompanied by customized home exercise regimens. We also teach our patients proper posture and body mechanics to prevent new or recurrent injuries.

Physical Therapy Referrals

We treat all types of patients who have been prescribed physical therapy, those referred to us by Sansum Clinic as well as outside physicians. Our comprehensive physical therapy and rehabilitative services include thorough evaluations for each new issue and individualized treatment plans that incorporate your physician's and our physical therapist's evaluations.

Make an appointment with a physical therapist. Please call our Physical Therapy Department directly.

Sansum Clinic Physical Therapy: (805) 681-7781