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Clinical Research at Sansum Clinic

Clinical research plays a critical role in advancing patient care and improving treatment outcomes. Based on the needs of our community, Sansum Clinic physicians participate in clinical trials to provide patients with access to cutting-edge therapies and technologies for the treatment of many diseases and conditions. 

A clinical trial is a research study in which people participate to help determine the effectiveness of a new medical treatment, procedure or technology. People participate for a variety of reasons, including gaining access to novel treatments and contributing to advancing medicine around the world.

Our Clinical Research program works directly with Sansum Clinic physicians to identify and initiate clinical trials and enroll patients that would benefit from promising new therapies. Implementation of clinical trials requires dedicated physician principal investigators, highly-trained research coordinators as well as regulatory and data specialists. This team is recognized for their focus on patient safety and personalized care, and they compassionately guide our patients through each step of their treatment. 

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Clinical Research at Ridley-Tree Cancer Center

Ridley-Tree Cancer Center has a dedicated Clinical Research Team focused on advancing oncology care through clinical trials. This team partners with US Oncology Research Network, NRG Oncology Network, TRIO-US Network, and leading pharmaceutical companies and universities to access many clinical trials that deliver the latest treatments science has to offer. This program is generously funded by the Cancer Foundation of Santa Barbara.

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