Cardiac Rehabilitation

From heart disease diagnosis through treatment and beyond, Sansum Clinic is committed to your long-term heart health. With that care philosophy in mind, we offer our comprehensive Cardiac Rehabilitation Center, helping you get back on your feet and develop the skills for a lifetime of wellness.

Goal-focused Cardiac Rehabilitation

Your time at the Cardiac Rehabilitation Center starts by setting lifestyle goals with help from our certified rehab specialists. Goals are typically focused on decreasing the likelihood of the disease progressing, promoting regression and preventing future heart attacks or repeat occurrences.

Studies show that patients who come for a full 12 weeks have the best outcome because they've changed their habits and made healthier lifestyle choices centered on exercise and diet.

Life at the Cardiac Rehab Center

Based on your goals, our cardiac rehabilitation team will help you create a personalized program built on three pillars:

  • Personalized exercise and monitoring: Patients work out to build aerobic capacity and strength while enjoying beautiful mountain and ocean views. Trained cardiac rehab nurses and physicians attach special electronic cardiac monitors to each patient to closely supervise heart activity before, during and after exercise. Patients are also counseled during their workouts about dietary, exercise and medication decisions, as well as controlling risk factors like cholesterol.
  • Lifestyle classes: On site there are structured classes and informational sessions where patients receive handouts. There are regular, rotating educational classes on six different topics, including Heart Smart Risk Reduction for Life and Risk Factors and Coronary Disease Overview.
  • Group support: Patients are organized into group classes, which also function as support and social opportunities. People learn from their own experiences but also by being exposed to other patients. Even in this group setting, patients receive individual attention from our cardiac rehab nurses.

See a Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist

Regain and maintain the life you love—make an appointment with a cardiac rehab specialist now or call (805) 898-3138 to schedule.

For more information on cardiac rehabilitation, please visit the California Society of Cardiac Rehabilitation or the American Association or Cardiovascular Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR).

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