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Web Resources Guide

Finding health information on the internet can be confusing but there are many reliable websites that offer a wealth of good information. You can learn about a specific condition, the latest treatments and find support for patients and their families.

Here are tips to help you to locate reliable information.

  • Know who operates the web site. Sites run by the government and nonprofit organizations are more objective than sites with a product to sell.
  • Use sites where the information is written or reviewed by a qualified professional.
  • Be wary of sites that have sponsors with a product to sell. Be careful of sites that have "pop-up" advertisements for medical products.
  • Check the date. Medical information changes rapidly and if it is several years old it may not be current.
  • Guard your privacy. Look at the home page for a privacy policy and give as little personal information as possible.
  • Seek a second opinion. It is better if you do not limit yourself to one source for health information.
  • Share the main ideas about what you learn with your health care provider. He or she can help you to evaluate what the information means to you.

To start your own web search for reliable health information we recommend:

Sansum Clinic Online Health Library powered by MedlinePlus and MedlinePlus en Espanol
MedlinePlus directs you to information to help answer health questions. MedlinePlus brings together authoritative information from NLM, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and other government agencies and health-related organizations. MedlinePlus also contains extensive information about drugs and supplements, an illustrated medical encyclopedia, the latest health news, and surgery videos.

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HealthFinder Español >

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