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Women's and Men's Healthcare Brochures

We understand that women as well have unique healthcare needs. These publications will address your specific healthcare issues with information and tips, and give you a complete overview of programs and comprehensive medical services designed specifically for women and for men.

If you would like a copy of either or both of these brochures mailed to you, please send your name and complete mailing address to info@sansumclinic.org* or mail your request to: Sansum Clinic Marketing, 470 S. Patterson Avenue, Santa Barbara, CA 93111.

* IMPORTANT NOTICE: The email address (info@sansumclinic.org) is for the request of print materials via mail only. No other requests or inquiries will be handled or forwarded through this email account. All messages requesting other information will be deleted with no action taken.

Women's Health - Comprehensive Healthcare with You in Mind

In addition to Primary Care and Obstetrics & Gynecology, we offer a broad range of services for women including preventive care and wellness programs, comprehensive consultations and advanced diagnostic and treatment options. The vast expertise of women’s health professionals at Sansum Clinic creates an environment of focused care for women. 


Men's Health - Complete Healthcare for the Way You Live

In addition to Primary Care, we offer a broad range of services for men including preventive care, weight loss options and wellness programs. Our board-certi ed specialists and highly-trained staff offer advanced treatment and diagnostic options for those seeking care in more than 30 medical specialties devoted to men’s health including Cardiology, Orthopedics/Sports Medicine, Surgery, Physical Therapy, Weight Loss, Urology and more.