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Take a Ride With Gregor

Jun 14, 2022, 13:45 PM by GoodHealth Magazine

Learn about his weight management journey.

Man on motorcycle

After initially losing weight with Doctor's Weight Management Program (DWMP) in 2017, Gregor Leite returned to the program in June of 2021. We had the privilege of chatting with him about the biggest lessons from his recent transition to Phase 2, his keys for success, and his high-octane hobby of motorcycle racing.

How did you get started with the HMR diet and lifestyle change program? I originally got started in the HMR program back in 2017 and had a lot of success. In 2018 and 2019 we had some family issues that were very stressful and then the pandemic hit which got me off track and allowed me to slip into old habits and regain the weight that I had lost. I restarted HMR Phase 1 on the Healthy Solutions option in June 2021 to get back on track and haven’t looked back since.

You recently transitioned from Phase 1 to Phase 2. What is the biggest thing you have learned in the transition? The thing that I’ve learned since moving from Phase 1 to Phase 2 is to keep incorporating HMR foods often in order to keep caloric intake down. In Phase 2, I’ve found that having one of the HMR entrees for lunch combined with a serving or two of vegetables helps keep me satisfied with lower calories than getting a sub sandwich, a few slices of pizza or other calorie dense lunch options.

What have been your biggest keys to success so far in the program? Stick with the prescribed options! In Phase 2, I’ve certainly gained more options for meals since I can prepare my own lean proteins and as long as I’m keeping the portions reasonable I’m not experiencing weight gain.

We see that you’re into motorcycle riding? How did you get into riding? The motorcycle bug bit me at an early age, though that was on dirt bikes at the time. I bought my first street motorcycle when I was 29 and had my first experience on track within a year which really got me hooked! Lots of people think that track riding is extremely dangerous. It certainly can be, but most of the factors that make riding on the street so risky (other people in cars, oncoming traffic, and unpredictable road conditions) aren’t an issue when you’re riding on track.

Since losing weight, have you noticed any difference out on the track or in any other areas of life? Most definitely! The racing leathers I’m wearing in the photo were custom-tailored and purchased almost 15 years ago. When my weight had crept up, I couldn’t fit into them anymore and looked like a sausage trying to burst its casing. I realized that if I wanted to get back into the sport that I love I would need to get back in shape and lose the weight. Now, I’m actually lighter than I was when I had the suit made and have some room to spare when I’m wearing it. I also notice that my knees and feet aren’t as sore from carrying around all that extra weight and I’m sleeping better too.

What’s next? Is there anything you are looking forward to in the future, or any goal you have set your sights on? I have another motorcycle that’s more appropriate for longer trips. My wife and I rode to Colorado and back on it back in 2018 while we were still slim and trim after our first experience with the DWMP/HMR program. We both want to start doing that kind of thing again, and as long as we keep the weight off we’ll be able to so. Barring any continued travel problems with the pandemic, we’d love to do a motorcycle trip in Europe!

Photo Caption: Gregor riding his Suzuki GSX-R 750 motorcycle at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch near Pahrump, NV