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A Passion for Patient Care

Jun 14, 2022, 11:42 AM by GoodHealth Magazine

Interventional Cardiologist Michael Shenoda, MD, FACC, FSCAI, and his wife, Rania Shenoda, PharmD, our Prescription Navigator, share a passion for patient care and helping those in need.

They met as UCLA undergrads, and remained friends for quite some time before getting married. “I tease Rania that it took me eight years to build up the confidence to ask her out on a date,” Dr. Shenoda says jokingly. Their common bond has taken the couple through nearly 18 years of marriage while on a professional journey through medical and pharmacy schools, internships and residencies, until they relocated to Santa Barbara in 2011 to work for Sansum Clinic. The complicated medical procedures and medications that consume their daily work life are woven into regular conversations at the home they share with their three children, Mya (14), Leah (12) and Noah (9,) plus their energetic pup, Oreo.

Dr. Michael and Rania Shenoda with their two daughters

Dr. Shenoda is part of the Clinic’s powerhouse Cardiology Department. He and Dr. Joseph Aragon are the only physicians between Los Angeles and San Francisco trusted with some of the world’s most advanced heart devices due to their extensive clinical trial work, and years of experience successfully performing complex procedures. Rania leads The Elly Nadel Prescription Navigator Program (underwritten by Julie Nadel), a unique and innovative service which assists patients in managing their medications. A licensed pharmacist, Rania guides her patients in one-on-one consultations to ensure they use their prescriptions in a safe and effective way.

“Mike brings such compassion and dedication to the healing of his patients, as if they were family members,” effuses Rania. Dr. Shenoda loves Rania’s congenial personality, and refers to her as the resident therapist, noting how even strangers open up to her because she makes everyone feel comfortable. Their ability to balance their jobs and family life is greatly enhanced by the proximity of grandparents, whose generosity of time lets them do their best as both medical professionals and as parents. Both Michael and Rania greatly enjoy their work, and are grateful for the “village” that has helped them to raise their children while they pursue their passions.