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Your Prescription: Spend Time in Nature

Apr 19, 2021, 18:41 PM by Sansum Clinic

Time spent in nature is good for our body and our mind. Especially during difficult times, nature is good medicine to alleviate stress and to improve our sense of well-being. To inspire you, Sansum Clinic, as part of Healthy People Healthy Trails, partnered with the Wildling Museum of Art and Nature for the upcoming exhibit, Art from the Trail: Exploring the Natural Beauty of Santa Barbara County, celebrating local outdoor treasures. The exhibit debuted online on April 17, 2021. We hope for in-person viewing later in spring, as soon as it is safe to do so.

Art from the Trail features the work of local artists of Oak Group, SLOPE (San Luis Obispo Painters for the Environment) and SCAPE (Southern California Artists for the Environment) in an exhibit showcasing healthful and beautiful trails in Santa Barbara County. Many trails featured in the exhibit are easy to access and close to home including Carpinteria Bluffs, Goleta’s Lake Los Carneros and Ellwood Mesa, La Purisima Trail in Lompoc and more.

Kevin Gleason Lake Los Carneros


“Through the pandemic, I think we’ve all begun to look for new ways to explore our own backyard,” says Lauren Sharp, Assistant Director at the Wildling Museum. “Seeing these trails through the eyes of our talented community of artists is an inspiring reminder to get outside and up close with the rich nature surrounding us.”

A key goal of the exhibit is to inspire visitors and community members to explore the trails and gain the health benefits of being in nature and active outdoors. Benefits may include lowered blood pressure and heart rate as well as long-term weight management and reduced risk of ongoing illness. Additional benefits are lower stress, anxiety, sadness and fatigue while concentration and self-esteem may improve.

For more motivation Healthy People Healthy Trails will offer a virtual challenge to accompany the exhibit. The challenge encourages people to spend time in nature, whether it be in the mountains, at the ocean, or in your neighborhood. Prizes will be included! For information on places to go in nature, or on how to get started walking outdoors visit Use the “contact” tab to sign up to receive an announcement about the nature challenge and other activities.

For information on Art from the Trail: Exploring the Natural Beauty of Santa Barbara County, visit: