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McNamara Fund for Professional Enrichment and Education and Nursing Scholarship Recipients

Nov 18, 2020, 23:27 PM by Sansum Clinic
Sansum Clinic knows the value of investing in employee education and development. Through the generous support of donors, the McNamara Fund for Professional Enrichment and Education, and the Nursing Scholarship Program help to support both clinical and non-clinical employees with educational endeavors enabling them to reach their career goals. Nine recipients were awarded with grants and scholarships in 2020 toward development in their respective fields and careers. These programs continue to make a direct impact on our community, offering the assistance deserving staff needs in order to afford high education, and by developing our next generation of leaders.

McNamara Fund for Professional Enrichment and Education Recipients:


Jessica AcevedoJessica Acevedo, Patient Access Manager
(joined Sansum Clinic in 2013)
Jessica’s grant will enable her to complete her Master’s in Business Administration.  She worked her way up from her position as a temporary Call Center Representative to her current role as a manager. “Education is really important to me. I was the first individual in my family to go to college and also the first to pursue a Master’s degree. Under the guidance of my supervisor Betty Lee and my experience at Sansum Clinic, I found my passion is in leadership which is why I chose a program that emphasizes nonprofit leadership. I want to find ways to develop high-performance teams that put the patient experience first and effectively learn to build strong connections with each other.”

Christina ArcherChristina Archer, MS, RD, IFNCP, Clinical Dietitian, Pesetas
(joined Sansum Clinic in 2017)
Christina’s role as a dietitian is vital to helping our patients with treatment plans through Medical Nutrition Therapy and Diabetes Education. This grant will allow Christina to complete a 10-course Dietician Training on FODMAP, which will provide her with additional knowledge to help further support patients with chronic health conditions.  “Completion of this course will reinforce the education I already have and provide the additional knowledge I need to guide patients accurately, efficiently and most importantly to ensure nutrient adequacy from beginning to end. This will allow me to further enhance care for patients at Sansum Clinic.”

Patricia ArzatePatricia Arzate, Medical Assistant, Pesetas Urgent Care
(joined Sansum Clinic in 2017)
Patty, an employee of Sansum Clinic for 23 years, is always looking for ways to further enhance patient care in Urgent Care. By getting her Phlebotomy certification, she will be able to perform blood draws on patients rather than sending them to a lab or waiting for an RN to become available. This will make for more efficiency within the department and ease the workload of her coworkers. “At times, the Pesetas Urgent Care works at an ER level, high-paced and high-acuity care for 12 hour shifts 7 days a week. I love it!  With a certification in phlebotomy, I will be able to do more for our patients.”

Ryan (Colton) BettsColton Betts, Clinical Research Coordinator, Ridley-Tree Cancer Center
(joined Sansum Clinic in 2017)
Colton Betts wants to be a doctor. The expenses involved with the application process can be costly. This grant for medical school applications will enable him to focus on his top prospects for medical school. “When I am finally admitted to medical school, not only will I start the training required to make me a technically-capable physician, I will also continue the mentoring process that will allow me to be the caring and empathetic physician that I aspire to be. This process was started by the physicians in both the Dermatology and Oncology Departments who have mentored me during my time at the Clinic.”

Melissa Van GroningenMelissa Van Groningen, RN Specialist, Pesetas Urgent Care
(joined Sansum Clinic in 2008)
Melissa is a two-time recipient of a McNamara grant; this time for the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) Urgent Care “livestream” update. This course will provide important updates for our Urgent Care Department, including COVID-19 information. Melissa was selected again due to the implementations and knowledge-sharing she provided after receiving her Certified Emergency Nurse certification in 2016. “These topics will directly translate to my work in the Urgent Care in helping to identify septic patients as well as servicing a large elderly population and more efficient triage of patients.”

Nursing Scholarship Program:

Kim HurleyKim Hurley, RN, Director of Operations
(joined Sansum Clinic in 1986)
Kim Hurley is a 34 year veteran of Sansum Clinic having worked in multiple areas and departments. Most recently, Kim spearheaded the COVID-19 efforts at the Clinic. Kim is a strong leader and highly regarded member of the staff.  She was awarded a scholarship toward obtaining her BSN. “My goal is to be a resilient leader and to use my education to get me to my next position at Sansum Clinic. While my career path may not have been a straight line to each goal, the twists have lead me back to my original goal of being the best caretaker and leader I can be.”

Alexis TinajeraAlexis Tinajera, LVN, Hitchcock Pediatrics
(joined Sansum Clinci in 2019)
Alexis brings great passion to her role as an LVN to our littlest patients. Her goal is to complete the LVN to RN bridge program. “Being able to see a variety of patients from a first neonate visit to a patient’s last 18 year check really brings excitement to the work day. In the Pediatrics Department you are not only connected to the patient, you are connected to the entire family which makes the job even more fulfilling.”

Sarah DelgadoSarah Delgado, Clinical Resource RN, Hitchcock Pediatrics
(joined Sansum Clinic in 2012)
Sarah’s heartfelt essay really struck a chord with the review committee and she was awarded a scholarship towards her BSN. As a Clinical Resource RN in the Pediatrics Department, Sarah is a go-to for clinical questions and leadership on the floor. “I love the nursing field. As a nurse, I took an oath to devote myself to the welfare of the patients I serve…it’s my moral obligation.”


Lori WellsLori Wells, RN Specialist, Pesetas Urgent Care

(joined Sansum Clinic in 2008)
In her 12 years at Sansum Clinic, Lori has made such a wonderful impression on patients and staff. She started as an LVN and moved up to her current position as an RN in the Urgent Care Department. This scholarship will enable her to become a Nurse Practitioner. “I will continue to work for Sansum Clinic as I advance my career with this incredible learning opportunity. I really have learned a lot along the way and I value the work I do.” 

Special thanks to Dr. James and Chris McNamara for establishing the McNamara Fund for Professional Enrichment and Education, and to the many donors who have chosen to support the McNamara Fund. Nursing Scholarships are made possible through the generous support of John C. Mithun Foundation and Mithun Family Foundation. Congratulations to all our award recipients. We’re so proud of you and greatly appreciate the investment you are making towards your career and the health and well-being of our patients and the community we serve.