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7 Ways to Get Physical Activity.... Everyday!

Aug 1, 2019, 09:40 AM by Sansum Clinic

Bad Weather? No Problem!

If you prefer to get your physical activity in the great outdoors, then you know how discouraging bad weather can be. But a heat wave or stormy weather doesn’t mean you have to abandon your workout. Here are some great strategies to get your PA when being outside isn’t an option.

Walk inside a mall

If the weather turns ugly, don’t use it as an excuse not to get your PA. Take it inside and try walking the mall. Time how long it takes to complete a loop and then try to beat it the next time around.

Try one of the many workouts on YouTube or TV

They are free and available 24 hours a day. You can find one for every skill level and it can add variety to your typical routines.

Consider buying a piece of exercise equipment

Having a treadmill, exercise bike, stair machine, or rowing machine takes weather out of the equation. Set it up in front of a TV and watch your favorite shows while you get your PA.

Go to the gym

If you get in the habit of going regularly, it can be well worth the cost of membership.

Try playing an indoor sport

Many recreation centers offer indoor sports such as tennis, volleyball, basketball, swimming, skating, etc.

Walk the stairs

You can climb stairs at home or find a building nearby. Climbing stairs is a great workout that burns a lot of calories.

Dress for success and brave the elements

Some people say there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. Having the right gear for the weather makes all the difference. With a thick and waterproof jacket, a walk in the rain or cold can be enjoyable. The health and weight benefits of exercise can far outweigh the inconvenience of bad weather.

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