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Renee Castaneda's Success Story - Doctors' Weight Management Program

Jan 23, 2018, 16:26 PM by Sansum Clinic

Rene Castenada before frontRenee Castaneda After
Doctors' Weight Management Program Patient, Renee Castaneda

What motivated you to join the program?

I had elevated cholesterol and shortness of breath. I have been overweight for years and tried to diet and exercise before but didn't sustain results. My friend had heard of the program and we decided to join together (buddy system).

What do you like about the program?

The structure was very helpful with the set amount of food to eat and physical activity to maintain. My favorite aspect of the program was the weekly classes which provided support and kept me accountable.

How has the program helped you lose weight?

I successfully lost weight and with the second phase of the program, I’m learning how to sustain the results long-term.  I formed better habits and continue to make healthier choices every day.