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Heather Weitzel's Success Story - Doctors' Weight Management Progra

Jan 23, 2018, 16:22 PM by Sansum Clinic

Heather Weitzel Before FrontHeather Weitzel After Front
Doctors' Weight Management Program Patient, Heather Weitzel

What motivated you to join the program?

I was concerned about how my weight would impact the rest of my health. My weight was beginning to restrict activities that I wanted to do with my family and friends. Also, I had an abnormal heart exam. I decided it was time.

What do you like about the program?

I love the structure and I love the support, the education and the dedication of the staff to holding us accountable and encouraging us. The food was reasonably good and the medical supervision was helpful.

How has the program helped you lose weight?

I lost 90 pounds. I am able to enjoy my life my children and activities I have not been able to do for years. The coaching and creative solutions were excellent. My classmates were great and I will continue to stay in the program in phase 2 indefinitely.