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A Couple of Good Reasons to Consider Weight-Loss Surgery

Feb 6, 2017, 12:24 PM by Sansum Clinic
Barbara and Jon weight loss surgery patients
Busy professionals Jon and Barbara Allcock decided they needed to make important changes in their life. Jon was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The added diagnosis of sleep apnea was “a real wake up call.”

Jon consulted with his doctor and chose to undergo bariatric surgery with Dr.Marc Zerey at the Sansum Clinic Bariatric Surgery Center, a certified Center of Excellence. While both had always struggled with their weight, initially Barbara didn’t think she was a candidate because she had no particular health issues and considered herself to be “healthy obese.”

Since Jon did so well after his surgery, Barbara consulted with her family doctor and Dr. Zerey and both felt it was the perfect time to do the surgery as she was still healthy and the surgery would definitely help to keep her that way. We asked Jon and Barbara to talk about some of their experiences.

Jon: My surgery was about two years before Barb’s, but she was really great about helping me stay on the straight and narrow. Once she had her surgery, I was able to coach her along her journey. I think she has done great!

Barbara: Because Jon’s journey to wellness and weight-loss began before mine, I was fortunate to have him beside me to walk me through all the changes I was going through. Jon was the model patient. He followed the rules and strictly followed the program to lose 190 lbs in the first year. For someone who was a real foodie throughout his life, he really surprised me with how well he stuck to the food regimen after surgery. It really does help to have someone who understands what you’re going through and can be supportive, especially in those early weeks.

Jon: I’ve changed my eating habits and now I exercise, and I like it! We both now have more energy. Being able to get on the floor and play with our grandkids, and run after them, makes this all so worth it. We’re more active, we’ve even started to ride our bikes more.

Barbara: Besides the obvious weight loss, I have more energy, feel better about the way I look and actually enjoy shopping for clothes again. This past summer Jon and I took a three-month CrossFit Class. It was hard, and something I don’t think I would have even considered before surgery.

Jon: It really is a lifestyle change. If you follow the program, you’ll succeed.

Barbara: This isn’t the easiest road you’ll be on, and it takes some getting used to, but the end result is awesome. Imagine feeling fit, liking what you see in the mirror, and mostly, knowing that you’ve done something to add years to your life so that you can be around for all those family milestones!

The Bariatric Surgery Center works closely with each patient and their physician to assure their weight-loss success. Orientation programs introduce patients to the types of bariatric procedures that include the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass procedure, lap band surgery and the gastric sleeve procedure. Most procedures can be performed laproscopically or using minimally invasive surgical techniques that help speed recovery times and reduce surgical complications. Dr. Zerey consults with each individual and discusses goals and lifestyles to determine the best surgical options for each patient.

Patients consult with Sansum Clinic’s Registered Dietitian before and after their procedure to monitor food intake and weight loss progress. Sansum Clinic also offers a support group to help patients adjust to their new lifestyles and to encourage their success.

Call 898-3472 to schedule a free consultation or to attend one of our patient education seminars to meet Dr. Zerey and learn about your surgical weight loss options.

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