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Sansum Clinic's McNamara Fund for Professional Enrichment and Education

Dec 30, 2016, 13:59 PM by Ann Moore
McNamara Fund Winners
McNamara Scholarship recipients Beverly Boland, Amber Sabiron, Lucinda Aguilar with Chris and Dr. Jim McNamara (not pictured, Melissa Van Groningen)

Recognizing that people are Sansum Clinic’s most valuable asset, the McNamara Fund for Professional Enrichment and Education was established as an endowment by Dr. James and Chris McNamara, with support from donors, to provide both clinical and non-clinical employees with unique personal and professional development opportunities.

Last year Sansum Clinic awarded grants to staff members who had a strong desire to increase their knowledge and enhance their ability to move forward in their careers. Deanna Powers RN received an award to attend a global conference in Spain on the treatment and research of multiple sclerosis. “It was a special honor being selected as one of the first recipients of the McNamara Fund and it truly led to one of the most valuable educational experiences in my nursing career. Attending the ECTRIMS conference was an opportunity of a lifetime,” said Deanna.

2016 is the second year of this impactful program and this year’s applications continue to show the hard work and dedication of our staff in the healthcare field.

This year’s scholarship recipients are:

Beverly Boland, Data Processor, Corporate Office
(Joined Sansum Clinic in 2005)

“I have been at Sansum Clinic for 11 years. I wish to further my education and have enrolled in the Medical Billing/Coding program at Laurus College and am excited to be going back to school. I know it will enhance my job performance as I learn new skills and new information which can benefit Sansum Clinic and provide new ideas and insight.”

Amber Sabiron, RN, Pueblo Internal Medicine
(Joined Sansum Clinic in 2012)

“It has been a dream of mine to further my education, not just for my own personal goals but also to provider a higher level of care to the patients of Sansum Clinic. I have had the opportunity to work as a triage nurse in the internal medicine department which broadened my skills. I feel very privileged to call Sansum Clinic my place of employment. I feel I can contribute further by obtaining my bachelors’ of nursing degree (BSN) at the Western Governors University. My goal is to show my daughter the importance of education and working hard.”

Lucinda Aguilar, RN Manager, Urgent Care
(Joined Sansum Clinic in 1995)

“Medicine is always evolving and so is wound care. Patients come to Sansum Clinic Urgent Care and other Sansum facilities with injuries that require a procedure where knowledge of wound care is important. A private wound care class presented by the Wound Care Education Institute will provide evidence based approaches to wound management with current standards and techniques that would ultimately benefit our patients.”

Melissa Van Groningen, RN Specialist, Urgent Care
(Joined Sansum Clinic in 2008)

“I am excited to have an opportunity to expand my knowledge and provide even better and more efficient care to my patients. The Certified Emergency Nurse certification requires comprehensive review of various types of emergency situations. It is intended to provide the Registered Nurse with the most current evidence based practices to improve patient outcomes. The field of medicine is always changing and growing. Healthcare professionals must continue to learn in order to provide excellent patient care.”

The McNamara Education Fund committee extends its heartfelt congratulations to this year’s award recipients and wishes them much success in their educational endeavors. The committee wishes to thank our donors who have made this fund possible.

The committee wishes to extend its best wishes to Chris McNamara, who will be retiring in June after 30 years with Sansum Clinic. Chris has been the Senior Vice President of Operations and a valued member of the Sansum Clinic team. Since announcing her retirement many people have inquired how best to acknowledge Chris and her many years of dedication to the Clinic. The best way to do that is to make a gift in her name to the McNamara Education Fund.

If you would like information about making a gift to the endowment for the McNamara Fund for Professional Enrichment and Education, please contact Dru A. Hartley, Director of Philanthropy at or (805) 681-7726.