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The Lovelace Fund for Medical Excellence is used for programs that assist Sansum Clinic in the recruitment and retention of physicians, including the Physician Housing Program and the Facility Improvement Program.  It is also used for other endeavors which are deemed to ensure medical excellence for our patients.  

Sansum Clinic’s Board of Trustees established The Lovelace Fund for Medical Excellence in 2012 as a tribute to the late Jon Lovelace and the Lovelace Family for their visionary support of Sansum Clinic.    

In addition to the Lovelace Family we also receive support from a number of other community contributors, including our Trustees who have embraced the vision of the Lovelace Family in supporting Sansum Clinic.  

The Lovelace Fund for Medical Excellence and the Physician Housing and Facility Improvement Programs help provide a lasting legacy to Sansum Clinic and Santa Barbara and the more than 130 patients who trust us with their medical care each year.  It also enables the Clinic to keep pace with the rapidly changing healthcare environment, and anticipating the community’s needs.  

Physician Housing Program

The very generous financial support of the Lovelace Family has been instrumental in the recruitment and retention of outstanding new physicians to Santa Barbara since April 2006 through our innovative Physician Housing Program.  

This program assists new physicians in obtaining shared appreciation loans to help with the purchase of homes in our high-priced real estate market.  By 2016 Sansum Clinic had used this special program to attract 19 highly skilled physicians in a broad range of specialties and practice areas.    

Physicians who used those loans saw 28,857 unique patients at 74,004 patient visits in Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Infectious Disease, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Pulmonary/Critical Care and Rheumatology.  

One of these physicians wrote a manuscript with colleagues in pulmonary medicine at UCLA, University  of Michigan and Jefferson University accepted by the reputable Pulmonary publication CHEST.  This same physician was recognized by the medical residents at Cottage Health with the “Excellence in Teaching” award.  

Another physician was elected President of the Central Coast Medical Association, a 700-member organization throughout San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties.  

The program has been designed to be a revolving fund, whereby the proceeds from future home sales will be used to repay outstanding loans and flow back into the program, where they can be used again to help future physicians meet their housing needs.  Six physicians have paid back their loans to the Clinic and we have offered shared appreciation loans to recruit seven new physicians.  

Facility Improvement Program

This program assists us in modernizing our facilities to enhance our patients’ experience and support our ongoing efforts to attract the highest caliber physicians from around the United States.  We expanded our Primary Care capacity and completed significant physical improvements at our multi-specialty clinic on Pesetas Lane.  These changes helped improve patient access to critical services ensuring that we are treating patients in a comfortable, welcoming and efficient environment.  

We relocated and significantly expanded our Urgent Care department at the newly-updated Pesetas Lane Clinic.  We doubled our capacity to care for patients in need of urgent medical care, keeping them out of the more costly hospital emergency room, and expanded our ability to provide patients with same-day appointments.    

In addition, this expansion allows us the opportunity to provide a resource not previously available in our community – a medical facility capable of providing ambulatory care and triage following an environmental disaster.  With a generous gift from Leatrice Luria, the Clinic purchased a mobile generator.  By equipping the new Urgent Care with dedicated back up power, we stand prepared to partner in our community’s medical response in the case of wide-spread power failure or emergency as part of the County of Santa Barbara’s Emergency Preparedness Program.  The Clinic participates in the  Disaster Healthcare Partnership Coalition, which assures collaborative planning and efficient emergency response.  

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