Dear Friends,

National Doctors’ Day is March 30th.  It is an opportunity to honor those who have dedicated their lives to your good health. 

2021 marks our 100th anniversary of providing excellence in healthcare.  Despite these unprecedented times our focus remains on our patients and the community.  We continue to rise to meet the ever-evolving changes of delivering high quality healthcare during a pandemic.   
The coordination, cooperation and personal sacrifices of our physicians and staff since last March have undoubtedly saved lives.  There are hundreds of unsung heroes whose names you may never know, but whose masked faces you routinely see at Sansum Clinic and the Ridley-Tree Cancer Center.  

We are playing a leadership role in the strategic community effort underway to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine to as many people as possible, while following CDC guidelines.  Our staff will be working evenings and on Saturdays and Sundays for many, many months to make sure our patients are vaccinated.  

I hope you will join me today in acknowledging the important work of our outstanding medical team. They will appreciate knowing that their care has inspired you to make a gift in their honor.  You may include a personal note of gratitude to your favorite doctor or healthcare provider.  We will be sure to share your message of appreciation with them.  

As a nonprofit organization dedicated to healthcare in an era of diminishing insurance reimbursements, our commitment to providing exceptional care relies, increasingly, on the generosity of our donors.  Philanthropic support makes a critical difference in our ability to achieve that goal. 

I hope you will consider making a meaningful gift of support
to honor those who continue to provide the most advanced care
that you and all our patients have come to expect from us.

Sansum’s commitment to patient care, research and new technology means that patients benefit from the latest diagnostic and treatment techniques in virtually every area of medicine – from pediatrics to geriatrics and everything in between.  The strength of the Clinic’s approach to healthcare is our group practice model, which allows us to recruit leading doctors from across the country.  We deliver all the expertise of a large-city healthcare system, and combine it with small town compassion and a deep sense of commitment that are unique to our doctors and medical staff.  

Thank you for taking a moment to celebrate our team of medical professionals who work tirelessly to deliver the best possible care for you and your loved ones.  They are committed to helping you lead the longest, healthiest life possible.

Stay safe.  We’re here for you and we’re all smiling under our masks.  



Arnie Schaffer

Arnold R. Schaffer  

Chair, Board of Trustees