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Dear Friends,   

We are grateful for our outstanding physicians and staff who ensure our patients are well cared for and make it their mission to provide an excellent healthcare experience, recognizing our first priority is the patients we serve.

We are grateful for the continued support of our donor community who serve an incredibly important role in helping us provide the high quality healthcare our community needs and deserves and has come to expect from us.  
Medical excellence is a never-ending journey and we strive to stay ahead of the curve and drive positive change in how our patients receive their care.

Our work is never done…we continue to focus our efforts on keeping pace with the latest medical advancements and further enhancing our patients’ healthcare experience with new programs and services.    

Our list of funding priorities includes the Lovelace Fund for Medical Excellence which encompasses the Physician Housing and Facility Improvement Programs to assist us in the recruitment and retention of outstanding physicians; a new Palliative Care and Advance Care Planning Program for patients with critical illness, and state-of-the-art Equipment and Technology.  

We take pride in the fact that we have been delivering excellence in medical care for nearly 100 years.  Exploring new, different and better ways of delivering expert, compassionate medical care is central to our mission of serving the needs of our community.          

As a nonprofit organization dedicated to healthcare in an era of diminishing insurance reimbursements, our commitment to providing exceptional care will rely, increasingly, on the generosity of our donors.  Philanthropic support makes a critical difference in our ability to achieve that goal.

We are truly grateful for every gift we receive, no matter the amount.  Donor support contributes to good health for everyone. Our donors are an important partner in our current and future success.  Working together we can continue to better serve our patients and the community.  

You can help us with your gift of support for 2019.  You can make your gift online at www.sansumclinic.org/donate-now.

We appreciate the confidence you have placed in Sansum Clinic for your healthcare and thank you in advance for your consideration. We wish you and your family good health throughout the year.   


Janet Garufis                   KurtsSignature_blue

Janet A. Garufis                                                        Kurt N. Ransohoff, MD, FACP
Chair, Board of Trustees                                       CEO and Chief Medical Officer  


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