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Surgical and non-surgical options.
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Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Your eyelids may contradict the youthful energy and temperament that a person has within. A simple procedure to correct this “tired look” may provide a considerable uplift in one’s spirit and outlook. It also has a favorable impact upon public perception. The excess skin of the upper eyelids are is removed and sometimes the position of the upper eyelid is elevated to make the eyes look more open and youthful.

Dr. Beckler also uses a non-external incision approach (known as transconjunctival) to sculpt and reduce excess fat of the lower eyelid. Some individuals need a small amount of skin removed from the lower lid. There is minimal scarring because the incision is placed in the fold of the eyelid. No single technique for eyelid surgery is ideal for everyone. A plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Beckler will help you decide on the most appropriate cosmetic procedure to bring back your beautiful, vibrant eyes.

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