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Surgical and non-surgical options.
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Today’s endoscopic plastic surgery provides a natural method of lifting the brow with only a few short incisions. The brow has become recognized as a critical aspect to overall facial rejuvenation. Often, the tired expression is a result of a descended brow rather than only excess eyelid skin or fat. Cosmetic eyelid surgery alone may not always be the right option. Brow lift surgery has reached a very advanced state so that the brow can be restored in a natural pleasing way without significant downtime. A “startled” look after a brow lift reflects inferior results and will not occur with Dr. Beckler’s technique that emphasizes a natural rejuvenation by returning a sagging brow to a more natural position giving you a more youthful appearance. A brow lift can be combined with other cosmetic procedures including upper eyelid surgery, neck lift, or face lift for even more rejuvenating results. A plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Beckler in Santa Barbara will help you decide whether you are an ideal candidate for a brow lift or other cosmetic procedures.

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