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Personal Care During Radiation Therapy

Get Plenty of Rest

Many patients experience fatigue during radiation therapy, so it is important to make sure you are well rested. Diet and inactivity can also cause fatigue. Sometimes your energy level may trend from high to low. It is important to know your limits, and to listen to your body. If possible, ask friends and family to help out during treatment by running errands and preparing meals. This will help you get the rest you need to focus on fighting your cancer.

Eat a Balanced, Nutritious Diet

Your nutritionist, nurse or doctor may work with you to make sure you are eating the right foods to get the vitamins and minerals you need. Nutrition is an important component to your healing process. Consider your food as medicine. With certain types of radiation, you may need to change your diet to minimize side effects. You should not attempt to lose weight during radiation therapy since you need more calories due to your cancer and treatment.

Treat the Skin in Your Treatment Area with Care

The skin in the area receiving treatment may become red and sensitive, similar to getting sunburn. Your radiation oncology nurse will review specific instructions for caring for your skin with you. Please refer to the Skin Care Handout for further information.

Women of Childbearing Age

It is extremely important to avoid getting pregnant at this time. If you think there is any possibility that you may be pregnant, please inform us immediately.