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Lisa Thonack - As Luck Would Have It

Lisa Thonak - as luck would have it.Lisa Thonack’s day started out like any other day – running errands, doing chores and keeping up with her 19 month old son, Adriano. One afternoon, as she was going through her normal daily routine, Lisa experienced a sudden turn in events – one that had her rushed to Sansum Clinic’s Urgent Care in Lompoc.

As Lisa was preparing her mental checklist for the afternoon, her son decided he was ready for lunch…right then! With Adriano firmly held in one arm and her other hand grasped tightly on the banister Lisa made her way down the stairs to the kitchen. Singing to Adriano on the descent and running through thoughts of her to-do list, Lisa was distracted. In the blink of an eye she found herself tumbling down the stairs. “About three steps down, I lost my footing and while trying to recovermy balance and reduce my speed, I lurched out my right foot as a sort of kickstand and leaned back to stop the fall.” Lisa landed four steps down the staircase in a seated position with her son in her lap.

She was shaken up and in pain. "I didn't want to scare Adriano, so I did what any mother would do – I laughed and made silly faces." Once she saw he was laughing, unaware of the alarm of the incident, she looked at her ankle and knew instantly that it required immediate attention. Quickly she called her mother and sister for help.

Within the hour, Lisa’s mother was looking after Adriano and her sister, Lennaya Smith, RN, rushed her to Sansum Clinic. Lisa was promptly sent to Radiology where Radiology Technician Donna Avila was caring and efficient with the imaging process.

Lisa then consulted with Ken Hyman, a physician assistant in Lompoc’s Urgent Care. “He was incredibly knowledgeable and kind.” Ken told Lisa her ankle was fractured and she would possibly need surgery. He referred Lisa to Sansum Clinic Podiatrist Dr. Justin Meyer at the Pesetas multi-specialty clinic, who confirmed the ankle required surgery. “Dr. Meyer and his team were very comforting and I knew I was in great hands."Lisa Thonak - as luck would have it.

Lisa was impressed with the overall level of service she experienced at both the Lompoc Urgent Care and the Pesetas clinic. “The good natured staff at Sansum Clinic handled my needs with compassion, kindness, humor and an impressive level of team work.” Lisa is thrilled to be back to her daily routine and she approaches her staircase with less distraction and a bit more grace and agility.

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