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Celebrating Our Patients
Dianne Travis-Teague
Dr. Sovilj has been my primary care physician for over ten years and her professionalism, attention to detail and diligence continue to amaze me. She does not miss a beat - always and I do mean always a step ahead of any problem. I am forever grateful. Thank you Dr. Sovilj.
Rose was super helpful! The nurses are also very nice. We love coming in here. Thank you so much!
I came here for urgent care treatment a few weeks ago in quite a bit of pain. On the way out, at the reception counter, all of the girls were professional and nice, but there was one in particular who spoke to me in a very encouraging and uplifting manner, that it immediately made me feel much better. Her name was Adriana Garcia. If we all realized that we never know what a compliment or encouraging words can do for another. When I got to the parking lot I felt so much better that I had to decide if I even needed to fill the pain medication prescribed. She is a keeper.
I just want to say that Ellie at your front desk is exceptional. She made me feel important and answered all of my questions and got back to me with a phone call. Dr. Dunbar also made me feel comfortable. These two should be given kudos for the job that they do. They really care about their patients.
I had excellent patient service from Krista Ybarra and Ana Montalvo. They treated me like a real person, engaging me in conversation and acknowledging my feelings. Thank you!
I love the service I got from Cardiology. They made me feel comfortable from start to finish. Scott and Suzanne were the ones that attended me with care. Thank you!
I received the ultimate customer care services from the first encounter with the clerical staff, nurse and doctor. Dr. O’Callaghan was very personable and efficient. I will always feel comforted and optimistic about receiving the best treatment available when I need their services again.
Compliments to Zeb Dyer for his knowledge and thorough exam that helps the whole person.
Wow! Thank you so much for the prompt, very personable care. I showed up early and you were able to accommodate me. Everyone was friendly, kind and competent….and no one hurt me! Thank you!
Kimberly Lewis always knows who I am when I come to the department. Each time I come to the office after I have Chemo she always is so kind asking how I am feeling and remembers my name. She only met me one time and still remembers me. What a feeling when I am so down from Chemo for her to ask how I am, gives me a hug and saying you look great. Thank you Kim!
Dear Dr. Husayn: Thank you so very much for the letter helping James to keep his dog Dixie! Moving into a different house is difficult for James but knowing his dog will move with us has made a positive change in his mind. Thank you!
I have been seen by this group for over 10 years more times that I can remember. I would like to thank all of you for the great care you provide to us all on a daily basis. Each and every visit was a wonderful, sometimes painful experience, but I always knew the end result would be better, thanks to you all.
I had to drop in and purchase HMR products and the two ladies that were there were so helpful and lovely. It made the experience most enjoyable. They were also full of great information and helpful hints!
Jacqueline Gaytan, receptionist is always friendly, welcoming and polite. She is an outstanding representative of Sansum Clinic. Also Roberto Gurman, Medical Assistant, is always courteous and professional. Thank you for the great health care service. Dr. Daniel and Dr. Emmerson are the best.
The staff at Lompoc Urgent Care is very compassionate. My son was coughing and not feeling well. He did not wait long and we are very satisfied with your staff. Thank you for all you do!
I was extremely impressed with the training session I had with the dietician. Gerri French was very knowledgeable, informative and careful to consider concerns and needs of the patient before engaging in her basic instruction. She was personable and sensitive to the emotional sensitivity of the patient. I think my visit with Mrs. French was the most positive experience I have had at Sansum Clinic.
When Karen answers, we know for sure that we are talking with someone who will do everything possible to help us. She is that human contact everyone needs when there is a problem or when we just need to reach our doctors. She is a jewel (and deserves a big raise).
The best personalities and care I’ve ever had and after 56 years that’s saying a lot. I love this place!!
I had a bone density with Farrah and a mammogram with Lisa. Both of them were so knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I would never go to any other place since we have respectful, hard working, knowledgeable people like Farrah and Lisa at Sansum. Thanks to both of them. Awesome, great service.
I pleased with the professionalism and the care. Sherryle, Autumn and Leah were always courteous. They handled the issues I had. A very warm and loving environment!
The facilities were clean. The receptionist was welcoming and helpful. My therapist Alyson was friendly, caring, knowledgeable, and smart as well as a great listener! My improvement was constant. The prescribed exercises were perfect for my condition.
Dr. Meyer has been taking excellent care of me this year. He brought my fungal toenails to a healthier place. During the last 30 years I’ve been to several podiatrists and nobody has helped. I am so happy to have found a good doctor. Also, the receptionist is so wonderful to get me key appointments. She is a very conscientious woman. I love all of your wonderful staff! Thank you!
I want to thank you for the great service I received at your Urgent Care Center. Dr. William O’Callaghan was very kind and compassionate. The nurse, Jane Dugan was very professional and kind. Also, the lab technician, Peggy was very kind. Everyone was so pleasant and compassionate. Alina let me call my son and tell him where I was. They gave me a referral list too. It was all in all a very pleasant experience. I felt very safe and well cared for.
I received the highest quality of care from Jessica Alvarez and Brian White during my referral process. This was a sensitive appointment and they both showed me compassion and great customer service. They both went above and beyond. Thank you!
I would like to thank the entire staff of Sansum Clinic for the excellent medical care I received recently at your various facilities. Starting with Dr. Zmolek who repaired my torn rotator cuff at the Premier Surgery Center and the staff at the Pesetas Lane facility who took care with scheduling and paperwork. I was treated with patience and kindness. After surgery I was referred to the Sansum Physical Therapy Department on Hitchcock Way. Due to excellent treatment I received at the facility from Linda Jalaba/Physical Therapist and the rest of the staff, I am happy to report my shoulder has been brought back to useful condition. I feel very fortunate to live in an area where excellent medical treatment is readily available. Thank you!
Thank you all for your hard work and dedication! You are all wonderful and we love to see you all when we come. Everyone makes us always feel so welcome. The staff is so kind and understanding. They always greet us warmly on the phone and in person. The nurses are all very helpful and comforting. It makes me feel good knowing I can always call for any reason and I will get a quick response as well as genuine concern. I also love when the nurses call me back a few days later to check on how my kids are feeling. You have a wonderful group of people! Keep up the great work! We appreciate all you do!
Dr. Wilson and his assistant Paula are both wonderful. I had a biopsy done on a thyroid nodule and Paula held my hand, told me what was happening, made me comfortable and made sure I didn’t pass out. She is so caring and friendly. Dr. Wilson is very informative and thorough. I came to him off a recommendation of a coworker and he was a second opinion doctor for me since I didn’t care for the first doctor I went to. Please give them both gold stars!!!
I had a Stereotactic Needle Biopsy at Pesetas Lane Radiology performed by Dr. Trambert, Lisa and Erin. Dr. Trambert was great, but I particularly want to praise and thank Lisa and Erin the Radiology Technicians for the care and compassion they gave during what is an awkward and uncomfortable procedure. I don’t think I could have had a better team.
Adriana Garcia is very helpful and kind. She makes your urgent care a nice place to come for care. I couldn’t ask for a nicer visit.
The South Patterson Branch of Physical Therapy is fabulous! Here are my thoughts regarding the staff that helped with my knee replacement therapy. John Motola was extremely helpful with my knee replacement therapy. He was my primary PT guy. He communicated well with others who assisted in my therapy. They had their plan for me right from the start. John got along well with others, while listening, giving encouragement when necessary and gave me exercises to improve my knee movement and strength. I had confidence in his words. I loved Maureen Groves. Her knowledge is vast. She showed me many ways to improve my knee extension while I was not working in the mornings. I looked forward to my PT appointments with her. Tom Crawford has a positive outlook on everything. He encouraged me with each exercise he gave...
Cara once again in a professional, courteous and patient way explained how to resolve the problem. I am extremely impressed with how she could cover all the empty spots because of the lunchtime breaks. Her diction and manner bespoke of a kindness that should be part of all healthcare professionals. My experiences with Sansum Clinic have been a lot easier because of her. My personal stress level was lowered because of her knowledge and patience.
Dr. Stuart Segal was very professional and kind. He was thorough in reviewing my medical history and examination. Dr. Segal took the extra time to explain the disease process of arthritis and the possible best choices of treatment available to me. He also completely answered every question that I presented to him. I left his office feeling extremely confident of his professional expertise. He made me feel as if he was not only concerned about me as a patient, but as a human being as well.
Betty Davis, receptionist in the Rheumatology Department is a very compassionate, caring person and perfect in her job. I felt she went “beyond the call of duty”. I enjoy talking to her when I go to my Rheumatology appointments and feel her genuine concern for all the patients, both on the phone and in person. Thank you Betty Davis!
This is to compliment Patricia, ENT reception for her excellence in reception and most kind approach to patients. She is most experienced in her work, always very nicely dressed and pleasant. We compliment her for all she has done for us. Please accept our appreciation and may Patricia receive a promotion or award for her word, dedication, and precision.
I was seen today by Brant Richardson, PA. He not only gave me a very thorough exam but also listened and shared. I feel that my needs were met in a caring and thoughtful manner. In fact the entire staff from reception to nurses and pharmacy staff are very nice, warm and caring. I will recommend Sansum Urgent Care to my family, friends, clients and acquaintances.
Dr. Haq is an asset to your group. He is most pleasant, knowledgeable, courteous and helpful. He deserves the highest compliments!
I have been seeing Martin for several years now, he has been providing my orthopedic care in conjunction with Dr. Gainor, and he is awesome. I receive injections in both knees routinely to buy time needed before they can be replaced....shots are something I have run from all my life due to fear. Martin has gained my trust and administers my injections, as smooth as silk. I have no anxiety or apprehension prior to my appointments thanks to his skills, compassion and care. Thank you Martin...I appreciate all you have done and continue to do for me!!!!
I am incredibly impressed by Dr. Heather Terbell. Not only did I not have complications with a surgical procedure, but she took the time to answer every question in the office visits. She was quick in responding to my email questions also. Because of her professionalism, I was able to enter outpatient surgery without anxiety.
Great service, warmth and caring attitude. Dr. Andrew Mester does a great job of taking care of my ears. He is a sincere, caring professional. Thank you for being there when I need you.
Compliments to Dr. Leonard Yee, he gives excellent care.
Gold stars to Dr. Little.
We are regular patients at Sansum and have been seeing various doctors for at least 25 years. Our primary care physician is Dr. Marta Sovilj. We absolutely love the Clinic. Our appointments are always taken care of in a timely manner. We are very pleased with the promptness of getting results. Thank you for the opportunity to sing your praises.
This letter is to Dr. Petrini. Thank you so much for all you have done for me. Loretta and I feel so fortunate to have you as one of my physicians the past 12 years. I knew I could call you anytime and get thoughtful and professional advice. The round trip from our home to Sansum gets more different each time and now my condition seems to be stable and reactive. Thank you again, I owe you a lot. It has been a pleasure to know you and be your patient.
Dr. Jeff Hadsall is always helpful and gets me in as soon as possible. I trust his judgment and advice.
I really liked Dr. Shenoda. This was my very 1st appointment with him. He was very informative and personable. I was very happy with my appointments yesterday. I was made to feel important and all of my questions were clearly answered, thank you.
I have only good things to say about Dr. Daniel. He has been extremely nice and caring. The follow through and the paper work are impressive. Thank you for an extremely well run clinic, it is very impressive.
I have only praise for the quality of Dr. Palkovacs care. My experience has been very commendable. Dr. Palkovacs corrected a problem that I had been plagued with for the past several months and I intend to tell all my friends about her.
I would like to thank Dr. Hadsall, Dr. Petrini and Dr. Braganza for listening to my concerns with sincerity and diagnosing and treating my health issues with thought and expertise. I plan to return to Sansum for all future health concerns.
Dr. Anderson could not have been any nicer and he treated my mother with great respect. The team at Urgent Care should be commended for their professionalism and good spirit. Thanks for making Urgent Care a pleasant experience.
Dr. Palkovacs is really nice and informative. She patiently answers all questions.
A special thanks to Dr. Carin Craig. Dr. Craig is the best, she is always a great listener and she always responds with additional helpful advice. Everything is always handled with professionalism and with great courtesy.
Dr. Anderson was kind and helpful and professional. He is a wonderful person.
Dr. Cathy Straits has given me excellent care from day one. She is caring, smart and offers a wonderful atmosphere when I set foot in her office. She fits me in when I need urgent care. It is her knowledge that is keeping me well.
I had the best doctor experience ever. Dr. Kernoff was an angel, she listened to my issues, was very helpful and made me feel very comfortable. I pinched myself afterwards thinking this must be a dream, thank you.
Just a note to thank Dr. Beckman for being such a caring, compassionate person. Our family is blessed to have him in our lives! The time he takes to communicate is a rare gift.
I want to compliment Dr. Daniel Berger for his expertise and personality. I always feel comfortable with him. He is a great physician.
Dr. Scheib and his staff are gentle, kind and very professional. Dr. Scheib has an amazing way of diagnosing medical problems.
Thank you to Dr. Craig who took the time to answer all of my questions, repeat answers, and draw a picture so I could understand what she was telling me. I appreciate Dr. Craig checking to see if the antibiotic I was prescribed was safe for lactating women.
I had an excellent experience with Dr. Bret Davis. Thank You!
Dr. Greaney is a wonderful, caring, helpful and life-saving professional. We are so lucky to have him here in Santa Barbara. Dr. Greaney made me feel at ease and answered all my questions. He is a human being that cares; thank God he was my surgeon. I had heard he was wonderful from the entire community.
Dr. John Sim was a great help. He went out of his way for me. You should give him a raise!
I want to let you know what a great bunch of doctors you have. I am very lucky to come to your clinic. I will soon be 76 and feel so amazing. Every Doctor I have is really great.
My first visit with Dr. Trevino was very good and thorough. I came back for more testing in the office. The Dr. explained to me what was going to happen and why he was doing the procedure. I came out of the office knowing what I had to do to correct the problem. I would highly recommend Dr. Trevino and his exceptional staff to anyone that would need a great urologist.
It has taken me a long time to be able to sit down and write you to let you know how much I appreciate your good care of my friend. As a nurse myself, I’ve seen many people go through chemotherapy, but this was my first time to be with a loved one sharing her experience both as a nurse and as a friend. I learned many lessons of life from her and her experiences. Thank you Dr. Abate for helping to make that possible. Your compassionate care made a difficult time a little easier.
I will eternally be grateful for the care, love, consideration, etc. that I have received these past few years. My special thanks to Dr. Straits and the numerous people that have touched my life.
I was very pleased with the services I received when visiting Dr. Segal. He is very nice and friendly and is always professional and helpful. It helps me to know I will be treated well each time I visit.
As a professor at a university, I conduct much research, and in my work I came across a quotation from The Great Art of Surgery, which was written by Paracelsus (1493-1541): “The most fundamental principle of Medicine is love.” I experienced the meaning behind this statement during my appointments with Dr. Peter Ford, a physician with Dermatology Associates of Sansum Clinic.
I want to thank Dr. Anderson for being very professional and very caring with my daughter. She was very ill when we checked her in. Dr. Anderson treated my daughter with so much care and professionalism. I felt secure that my daughter was being treated by professional medical staff. Thank you so very much for all your hard work and dedication.
I just want to compliment Dr. Lloyd Trujillo. He was kind and professional. Sansum Clinic is lucky to have him. Job well done.
We have been using Sansum Clinic in Lompoc for many years, but recently more than ever due to cellulitis. Everyone at the Clinic has gone above and beyond. Dr. Allan Bosko and his nurse Wendy have bent over backwards with my care and genuine concern along with the check-in staff. Dr. Justin Meyers comes in from Santa Barbara every Wednesday, he does a procedure on my foot each week and he and his nurse do their best to put me at ease. We have nothing but respect for all of them during this long process and I feel like someone should know how we feel.
My husband and I couldn't appreciate Sansum Clinic any more than we do! A friend referred me there 9 years ago when I had a medical problem that local Visalia, CA docs could not resolve. I saw Dr. Marta Sovilj, whom I have since learned is a medical "detective" who sincerely cares about her patients. She ensures that she refers you to the best Sansum specialists and on your final visit with her as she goes over all findings, you will take with you all test results. At my insistence, 7 years ago my husband went to Sansum to consult with a male physician, also for a medical issue unresolved locally. When that doctor left a few years ago, John asked that he also be seen by Dr. Sovilj and since that visit, we have both see Dr. Sovilj for our annual physicals or any in-between-issues. During the years, we...
I am so pleased with the care that I am getting from Dr. Sim and his entire department. I feel that Dr. Sim is always aware of my history and provides thoughtful advice. When I have needed to call in, he has always been helpful. I never feel rushed. Thank you.
Cathy Straits is like a breath of fresh air in the medical profession. I love her down to earth common sense approach to various matters. She is very caring and doesn’t make me feel rushed, though she wastes no time or words. She is sensitive to her patients’ needs. For my first appointment, she was very thorough in her evaluation of all my medical issues/matters. If I cannot bring myself to do as she suggests, she doesn’t get upset she makes an effort to work with me. She is a gem. Anne Little MD, is also excellent.
I always feel better knowing that I am being supported through the stroke (and all of our other incidents with my family). I love the staff and the front desk personnel, but I especially love Dr. Hersh.
Dr. Howard is a wonderful doctor. He really helped me get better. I would recommend him to my family and friends. Thank you.
I had Gastric Bypass Surgery by Dr. Zerey and a hysterectomy by Dr. Raphael. Both procedures went very well. I received excellent care by both doctors and their staff. Your clinic is very caring in making sure I was taken care of. I am very blessed to have Sansum in my life.
I received a “test results” letter from Sansum Clinic stating that my polyp was not pre-cancerous, what a relief to me. This good news however, was only the last in a series of good feelings as I wended my way through the process of having my first colonoscopy. From here on in, I will be one to reassure other friends on this procedure and it will be my honor to recommend Dr. Petrini to others who may be feeling the same trepidations that I did.
It is with great pleasure that I write this note of thanks to Dr. Young. I was lucky to have had a cancellation in his schedule. I presented my wheelchair-bound self to him for his care and treatment, and what services I received! After a quick thorough neurological examination, it was off for an MRI. I went back to the office a few hours later for my results which showed a protruding disc, at which time it was declared that I must be seen by a neurosurgeon within a 24 hour period and off we went. Dr. Young pushed me in my wheelchair all the way to the ER at Cottage. He assisted in my admittance to the ER and an attending ER physician saw me in about half an hour. Since my return home, I am able to walk, I feel 200% better. I am virtually pain free, I...
Dr. Mathison is very attentive, she listens to my needs and I feel great collaboration with her for my health needs..
I could not have asked for a better care than what I received at Urgent Care. Dr. Tom Anderson did everything to help me and he is very kind. I would never hesitate to come back and I do need to return to see Dr. Anderson again. He really helped me and I am most grateful.
I was very impressed with Dr. Sofia Jang, she is a new doctor in Lompoc. I am a patient with many things going on in my body at all times. She treated me with kindness and was very thorough. Please make sure we keep her, she is awesome.
I would like to thank Dr. Palkovacs for her wonderful skills, expertise and caring and correcting my condition called “Entropian”. At the same time I want to thank Dr. Toni Meyers for diagnosing it. Entropian is a condition that makes the eyelids turn inward and it makes life miserable causing the eyes to water, itch and be constantly irritated. It can also damage the cornea and causes extreme sensitivity to light. I was to the point of almost having to wear sun glasses inside. Thank you so much Dr. Palkovacs and Dr. Meyers. We are lucky to have you in Santa Barbara.
Dr. Petrini has a personality that makes colonoscopies, perhaps not enjoyable, but certainly informative and tolerable. Thank you Dr. Petrini.
Dr. Bliss is awesome, attentive and professional.
We are new patients of Dr. Ransohoff. We have truly appreciated everything from the friendly staff, the quality of service and the follow-up care and concern for good health. Thank you!
I am very happy with Dr. Meyers. I would recommend her to anybody.
I wanted to take a moment to thank Dr. Brennan for taking such great care of my sons, Mason and Heath. We always have a good experience at his office, and that is not always easy for little guys. His call backs are so helpful advising us at home and putting my mind at ease.
Early one morning, I missed a step and fell flat on my face. Luckily for me Dr. Logan was already in the office and was kind enough to see me right away. Six stitches later I was back together with only wounded pride. I am thankful that he was so kind and caring. I am truly a grateful patient (with no scar).
Thank you Dr. Davis for your fine service, compassionate care and encouragement along the way.
Nancy Curtis
I would like to thank Dr. Little at the Urgent Care in Lompoc. She diligently researched my past history in my Sansum medical file to try to figure out what was causing my allergic reaction. Because of her dedication and caring, I am well again today. She is a great asset to Sansum. Thank you Dr. Little.
Before I travelled abroad, Dr. Scully provided me with my own packet of printed information with written information specific to the country I was going to, along with maps delineating malaria risk areas, and pre-travel check lists of useful supplies.
Pam D.
Since I was anxious to see a specialist, Christina orchestrated all the details and I was able to see Dr. Wilson the very next day. Thank you, Christina. I would like to further extend my thank you and appreciation to Dr. Wilson and his staff for their excellent medical care I received.
G. A.
I want to thank Hitchcock Urgent Care for being very professional and very caring with my daughter. She was very ill when we checked her in. The front office MSC’s Adrianna and Elyse and MA, Lucinda and Dr. Anderson, treated my daughter with so much care and professionalism. I felt secure that my daughter was being treated by professional medical staff. Thank you so very much for all your hard work and dedication.
A. M.
Jessica was very kind and explained all procedures and reasons for the work up. All work done on her time was with no delays.
Alyson Lamothe is the best therapist. She is beyond competent and professional. She is empathetic, attentive, kind, personable, thorough, listens well and adapts to individual patient’s needs. I have been the beneficiary of her skills and observed her interactions with other patients and staff alike. She is consistently excellent in every aspect. I feel so well cared for in her presence. She is genuinely kind and exceptionally effective and supportive. I can’t say enough good things about her.
J. I.
Every experience I have had here is always top notch from top to bottom. I have been coming here for 35 years and it just gets better.
D. H.
I would like to thank the physical therapy staff for having such an excellent department. I would especially like to thank my therapist Ned Andrews for all the work he did to help me not need hip replacement surgery.
J. G.
I had my first MRI on 2/6/12, I was ignorant to the difference between my prior CT scans and an MRI scan. I was very nervous of the tight space and Teresa Childers was assigned to my MRI. I expressed my angst and my ignorance of the situation with her. Teresa was very calming and patient with me and took the time to explain the process to me with a suggestion of how to proceed in a way that helped calm me. I know this may seem insignificant to whoever is reading this, but I would not take the time to write this if it wasn’t significant to me. I was alone and felt overwhelmed and fear of anxiety. I want to express my appreciation to Teresa for her professionalism and caring bedside manner.
A. M.
I just want to compliment the OBGYN staff. Everyone in that office was kind and professional. MaryAnn at the front desk welcomed me with a smile. She made my check in process simple while still getting all the correct information. Lupe, the MA, was fantastic. She kept me informed on exactly how late the Dr. was running. Everyone in the OBGYN department is amazing. Sansum Clinic is lucky to have that staff.
J. & V. W.
We have been using Sansum Clinic in Lompoc for many years, but recently more than ever due to cellulitis. Everyone at the Clinic has gone above and beyond. Dr. Allan Bosko and his nurse Wendy have bent over backwards with my care and genuine concern along with the check in staff. Dr. Justin Meyers comes in from Santa Barbara every Wednesday, he does a procedure on my foot each week and he and his nurse Barbara do their best to put me at ease. We have nothing but respect for all of them during this long process and I feel like someone should know how we feel.
My husband and I couldn't appreciate Sansum Clinic any more than we do! A friend referred me there 9 years ago when I had a medical problem that local Visalia, CA docs could not resolve. I saw Dr. Marta Sovilj, whom I have since learned is a medical "detective" who sincerely cares about her patients. She ensures that she refers you to the best Sansum specialists and on your final visit with her as she goes over all findings, you will take with you all test results.
I had a weird episode in a public place in front of a lot of strangers. The EMTs were called and I was taken to the hospital. Soon thereafter, I had an EEG with Roma followed by an appointment with Dr. Young.
Janet W
I am truly grateful and appreciate Dr. Husayn for his pediatric care of my son. Ever since my son got sick a few months ago, Dr. Husayn has been there for my son and I. He has returned all my phone calls in a timely manner and his care has been excellent.
Nancy R.
I had been feeling really tired and wasn't able to do the tasks I was accustomed to do. My muscles burned so bad, you would think I had ran a 5k marathon, when in reality I just walked up two flights of stairs. This feeling made me so despondent and even affected my work as a mathematics substitute teacher. I
Lori M.
Thank you Dr. Newman and staff for all of your kindness during my father's two year battle with lung cancer. He received excellent care! You all are truly a blessing!
Mike H.
I was recently told I had Crohn's disease from a one-time incident that landed me in the local hospital. I was put on medication (2 pills, 3 times daily) and was told I'd probably be on them for the rest of my life. Even after taking the medication for 2 months, I was still having pain, which didn't seem to make sense. I contacted a close friend who recommended Dr. Egan. I was scheduled for an appointment and for the first time in my life, the Dr. was in the examination room with me at that exact time, what a shock! Obviously something I'm not used to. His immediate thought was that I didn't look like someone that had Crohn's disease and wanted to verify what he thought. By 9 am the next morning, I was back in the clinic, having a procedure...
Peter G
While riding cross country on my motorcycle, I had a shunt and broke my right ankle. Mr. Martin Bean, PA took care of me. There was concern that I would require surgery. Mr. Bean reset my ankle with emphasis on attempting to correct the displacement. He gave me a 50/50 chance of not requiring surgery. Upon returning to my home in Northern Virginia I went to see a local Orthopedist. He was sure I required surgery, but after monitoring the injury for two weeks he came to the conclusion (incredulously I should say) that I didn't require surgery. I want to thank Mr. Bean for the great work he did in resetting my ankle.
Candace H.
In August of 2005, I was diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma. The kidney tumor was quite large and Dr. Daniel Curhan, assisted by Dr. Rhodes removed it. It was a painful and long recovery, but the process was made so much easier because of the thorough and expert care of Dr. Daniel Curhan. There were frequent tests and check ups and Dr. Curhan was always patient, kind and informative. The entire staff was also very attentive as well. Then, after enjoying good health for several years, in April 2010 there was an abdominal cancer scare. Thankfully, the mass turned out to be benign. Dr. David Nomeland, assisted by Dr. Hogan removed it and I had a hysterectomy. Dr. Nomeland is an excellent physician, and his caring staff are absolutely superb, and I am so grateful to have such fantastic healthcare! Then, I...
Lee K.
Some time ago, while taking my mother for treatment at the Pesetas facility, I had to park in the far back parking lot where handicapped access was limited. I filled out a suggestion form and also spoke to Mike Dale in facilities (who I bumped into in a hallway) about the situation.
Claudia C.
I was invited to attend the Doctor's Interactive Group Medical Appointment (DIGMA) by Dr. Liebhaber a couple of years ago. During the appointments, patients complete their one-on-one session with Dr Liebhaber by attending this group meeting. Each patient shares his or here challenges, medication questions and successful behaviors with the others. Through this program I have learned so much about controlling my asthma and having more asthma-free days. My insurance company has a nurse call me to check in every few months. She has always been amazed at my understanding about asthma, my medications and the best way to use them. I know this is because of what I have learned at DIGMA. DIGMA is a wonderful program. Dr. Liebhaber can spend more time listening to our concerns and answering questions. It helps me feel like I am participating in my health care and I'm getting better.
Susan R.
My father has experienced the very finest medical care from his doctors at Sansum Clinic. He is 88 years young and in the last year he's faced several serious and significant health issues. Our family is most grateful to Drs. Thomas Beamer, Jason Boyatt, Claudio Bonometti and William Golgert for making my dad feel like more than just an anonymous patient or a face in the crowd. My father is treated with dignity, caring and respect. The staff, especially Amrita in Cardiology and Dianne and Laura in the Carpinteria office, have been amazing. Both Dr. Boyatt and Dr. Golgert should give classes to new physicians on the right way to treat patients with serious and chronic health problems. Although we know my father cannot be "fixed", there is never a time that we leave an appointment without hope and choices. Thank you for...
Jack N.
I have been coming to Sansum Clinic since 1972. It is a 4-hour drive one way for us. But I would not go anywhere else for my medical treatment. I have tried another place but I always come back to Sansum. The doctors are outstanding the service is outstanding overall it is a great place to go for any medical problem.
Cindy C.
After several disappointing attempts to see a neurologist in my local area, we decided to call Sansum Clinic. Right away they got me an appointment and started all the necessary tests. Because we are from out of town, a four hour drive one way, I was seen and had a couple of tests done the same day! Here I had waited months to get this done by a doctor just down my street. We met with Dr. Zolan and he reassured us that we will find answers. I am so happy I called and set up the appointment, he is a wonderful doctor and has a very pleasant staff.
Allison G.
Been there, done that, and Dr. Alan Hersh is the best, most compassionate doctor ever. I love him and I'm so grateful for the care he has provided to me. Thank you, Dr. Hersh!
I can't tell you how grateful I am for all the help and encouragement and accountability I've received from you and Liz and Christine and everyone else there. I feel like I've been given my life back and even when hard things come along I feel so much healthier and stronger to deal with them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart
My husband and I first became Sansum Clinic patients in 1948 and I still think they bring in the best and the brightest doctors to work here! Dr. Zmolek is wonderful – I wouldn’t have anyone else! My husband was one of Dr. Zmolek’s very first patients and his hips were perfect until the day he passed away. I always refer new patients his way, as I know they’ll be in great hands!”
I’ve had a lot of broken bones in recent years and Dr. Scheib and his wonderful staff make sure that I get seen by all the right specialists and are always there if I need anything or have any questions. He has become much more than just a doctor to me – when my husband passed away six months ago, Dr. Scheib was there for me and would call to make sure I was doing okay. In this day and age, this type of personal patient care is very rare and I definitely realize how blessed I am to have a wonderful doctor like Dr. Scheib as my physician!
Being a Sansum Clinic employee, I knew I was going to be well taken care of like all of our patients, but Susan takes patient care to a whole new level! I truly appreciate her always being there for me, ready to answer any questions and address any concerns. Susan Peppers is one of the many reasons I always refer people to Sansum Clinic – not only because I work here, but also as a patient who has been experiencing excellent care first-hand!”
I have never really liked seeing doctors, but will always be grateful that when I really needed one, a simple referral from my insurance agent brought me into the care of Dr. Jim Scheib at Sansum Clinic! I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor. Dr. Scheib goes out of his way to make sure his patients are well taken care of! I’ve had a lot of broken bones in recent years and Dr. Scheib and his wonderful staff make sure that I get seen by all the right specialists and are always there if I need anything or have any questions. He has become much more than just a doctor to me – when my husband passed away six months ago, Dr. Scheib was there for me and would call to make sure I was doing okay. In this day and age, this type of personal patient care...
All of my cholesterol numbers have come down! The total number dropped by 100 points coming out of the Core phase. My HDL stayed high where it needs to be. The Doctors' Weight Management Program has certainly changed my life! I don't feel like I am a heart attack or stroke waiting to happen...thank you!
I've been diabetic for about three years now. In that time, I've seen doctors at Sansum Clinic to work with me on managing my diabetes, and while those doctors have all been just fabulous and a great resource, it's really nice to have an educator. It's nice to sit down with someone and talk about the concerns I have. It's one-on-one, and Lyda makes me feel so comfortable in being able to ask questions. I've seen some advertisements for diabetes-related products on television, and I'll always ask Lyda about those. Well, she always has those products right there in her office, so she'll get it and I can always see it right then and there; then we'll decide together if that product is a good option for me, or if there might be a healthier option.
Dr. Zisman did a great job. I got a biopsy that initially looked clean, but as a precaution, Dr. Zisman sent it off to the Mayo Clinic. That's when they found out that I had a spot on the biopsy that needed to be removed. If it weren't for Dr. Zisman's thorough and careful examination, excellent doctor-patient relations, and follow-up with Mayo, we wouldn't have caught it. After the spot's removal, Dr. Zisman brought me in for a follow-up examination, and we caught another spot on a separate biopsy. I got that removed right away, and I have Drs. Dunn and West to thank for that. Sansum brings me back in on a yearly basis. I'm glad that there's someone around to watch me like a hawk.
I was overweight and a Type-2 Diabetic, but I maintained a healthy diet and exercised regularly. I knew something was wrong. I'd seen other doctors, but no one was able to quite figure out what was going on. Finally, I went to see Dr. Mark Wilson at Sansum Clinic for a fresh pair of eyes. We talked about my condition, and he listened attentively. Then he had an "ah-ha" moment. We ran some tests, and he found that I had a tumor on my pituitary gland. I was only Dr. Wilson's second-ever Cushings patient. He's always willing to work with my other doctorsand he's taken the lead on my case since it was him and only him that caught the tumor. The tumor was growing and could have led to my death. Dr. Wilson got the tumor out right...
Martin Bean has given me two shots in my knees, and they were the best shots I've ever gotten in my life, I didn't feel a thing -- and I'm a real pin cushion!
I've had a wonderful experience with the entire orthopedics department. What I really like about Dr. Gainor is that he doesn't mess around, he tells it like it is. As a patient, I really value that. We're talking about my body, my health. I don't want a doctor who dilly-dallies, and Dr. Gainor is very straightforward.
Dr. Curhan is an excellent surgeon, I was really happy with my experience. I've worked for the state and part of my job was to take patients in and out of a number of different hospitals. Sansum Clinic was the most impressive clinic I've seen. Everything was just superbly run. The staff and nurses are on top of everything; patients truly receive the very best care there.
If it weren't for Dr. Wilmanns and the whole internal medicine staff at Sansum Clinic, I wouldn't be here. She takes the time to listen, she's always very responsive, and she's one of my favorite people. She cares, and it really shows. I've never had a poor experience. She listens, that's what's important.
I was a little nervous going into the LASIK surgery, concerned that it would hurt and unsure what would happen if I blinked. The word laser and my eyeball were hard for me to comprehend. I have never felt more comfortable in any procedure. I was relaxed and felt assured that I was in good hands.
Margaret Quimby was referred to Dr. Golgert and Sansum Clinic in April of 2010 by her surgeon after undergoing kidney dialysis treatments at a different facility for 16 months. Margaret is a former registered nurse who says “I know good care when I see it” and was never comfortable with the care she received at the previous facility, sometimes even scared to go in for her appointments. Knowing that kidney dialysis might affect her memory, she started to keep a journal of her treatments, chronicling every appointment.
I'm writing to say a few words about how wonderful Camp Wheez has been for my two twin girls, Cami and Mia.
In 2005 Susana LeVine underwent a routine surgery to treat a hernia. The surgery was successful, but the scary part came after the procedure when Susana wasn’t waking up from her anaesthesia. Doctors initially thought that she had suffered a stroke or a heart attack, but after numerous tests and three biopsies, it was determined that Susana had a pulmonary condition called Nonspecific Interstitial Pneumonitus (NSIP).
Kevin Marsh, USGA Golf Champion
Having Dr. Katsev do LASIK on my eyes in December 1999 truly changed my life. Golf is a tough sport to play with contacts due to the potential weather issues like wind and pollen. Not having to deal with contacts anymore really improved my quality of life and I believe had a big impact on my golf career. Dr. Katsev is a great guy and really treats everyone with the utmost care and sensitivity. He recently did LASIK on my wife and it was a pleasure for her. He has always had an open door policy for either one of us to come in if we had any questions or concerns.
Starting Weight: 262 lbs., Current Weight: 159 lbs., 39 Years Old
Starting Weight: 278 lbs., Current Weight: 148 lbs., 32 Years Old
Starting Weight: 237 lbs., Current Weight: 138 lbs., 32 Years Old
In April of 2010, the results of a glucose test changed my life. I was notified by Dr. Gloria Hadsall to come in for a consultation. The results were shocking: I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes. I was terrified. She immediately wrote out the necessary prescriptions and made an appointment for me to see Dr. Mark Wilson, a Sansum Clinic Endocrinologist, and she introduced me to Diana Bullock, a Diabetes Educator for Sansum Clinic.
Jackie & Dave
Our son, Max, 11, was diagnosed with allergy-induced asthma at the age of two, following a terrifying 2 a.m. dash to the emergency room. Max had awoken in the night having trouble catching his breath. I remember driving barefoot through red lights, reaching back to Max in his car seat and shaking his leg in an attempt to make him take another gulp of air. We were referred to Dr. Myron Liebhaber of Sansum Clinic, who explained what steps we needed to take to minimize Max's symptoms. Today, Max leads a happy, active life and Dr. Liebhaber carefully monitors Max's progress on an on-going basis.
In December 2007 I was a healthy, non-smoker, but I had been experiencing pain in my chest. We were all stunned by my lung cancer diagnosis, which my amazing physician detected early with an x-ray. I am grateful for the opportunity to pay tribute to all the people who have walked through those treatment room doors and endured the pain, uncertainty, and fear of a cancer diagnosis through a donation to the Oncology department, to create a warm and serene place for future patients to receive their care.
Being a particularly picky person about how I take care of myself, I never do anything that would cause harm or trauma to my body. I always check things out completely, ask lots of questions. I eat right, exercise every day, use all the newest creams, lotions and get facials. I am aware of everything I do for myself. One day at the gym I noticed a younger lady had the smoothest, softest legs and I wanted them. She said they were lasered. I seached various places and interviewed local SB people for years. I was afraid I couldn't afford it and found no one I trusted. I suffered with razor burns, waxing nightmares, you name it. I had dark hair that I lived with for half my life. I thought if I spent all this money the hairs would just grow...
I think everyone remembers the exact day, if they hear the words, "you have diabetes". For me, it was July 31, 2006. Even though my grandmother and mother both had diabetes, I didn't know much about it and didn't know what to do. I immediately made an appointment with a diabetes educator and I met with her that day. That first meeting changed everything. She asked me what I thought of when I heard the word diabetes and I started to cry. I knew my grandmother had died from complications with the disease and my mother was insulin dependent, had toe amputations and severe vision and neuropathy problems. I was terrified and realized I didn't have a clue about what to do. She took the time to listen to me and then began the process of putting me on a road to success....
Peter Coad, PhD and Raylene Coad, PhD
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