Meet Our Legacy Society Members

Sansum Clinic would like to acknowledge and thank the members of our Legacy Society. Their contributions allow us to continue to deliver the most comprehensive healthcare to meet the specialized needs of our community.

William R. Allen
Alves Family Living Trust*
Beatrice A. Askman* Charitable Foundation
Dr. James P. and Margaret B. Barbabella
Garrison E. and Kathleen A. Bielen
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Brill
Dr. Linda L. Branch and Marvin J. Branch
Mary miller Rose Bruick*
H. Blake and Patricia McNamara Chatfield
Sharon Clenet-Purpero
Drs. JW and Sue Colin
Mr. and Mrs. Charlex Cox
Mr. and Mrs. Robert William Cox, Jr.*
Robert G. and Elnora J. Cuillier*
Azile L. and Florence H. Currier*
Jennie T. Dearmin Trust*
Dr.* and Mrs. Wilton Doane
Dr. and Mrs. C. Christopher Donner
Florence Mary Franco*
Tim and Linda Gamble
Dr. Daniel and Jean Gibson
Leonard and Cathleen Grabowski
Lucile R. Graham*
Ursula Parola Greditzer
Gloria Green
Jon W. and Barbara K. Greenleaf
John S. Haigh and Margaret Neil Haigh Family Trust
Ellie* and Tom Harriman
Melville H. Haskell, Jr., MD *
Ethel Heller*
Ardis O. Higgins*
James Kenneth Hill*
Daisy J. Hudson*
Heidi Huglin-Deane
The Ishibashi Trust*
Paul Jaconette
The Kaye Family Trust
Mary Kershner*
Marion Crawley Lamont*
Ray and Vicky MacGregor
Theodore Mazzini
Dr. James V. and Christine McNamara
Dr. and Mrs. George Messerlian
John W. and Christine C. Morrisset
Jennifer Neal
Esther A. Nielsen*
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Novatt
Herbert R. and Barbara Burke Peterson*
Kurt N. Ransohoff, MD
C.H. Reisner*
Donald B. and Alita W. Rhodes
Eddie and Bobbie Rosenblatt
Drs. Ann and Mike* Rice
Ed and Bobbie Rosenblatt
Richard* and Maryan Schall
James D. Scheinfeld*
Anthony Spinella and Brenda Joyce-Spinella
Ailie E. Sten*
Elna R. Thuesen*
Ivano P. Vit
The William L. Wayne and Marsha J Wayne Family Trust
Clifford E. and Dorothy P. Wrightson*


To learn more about our Legacy Society, please contact:

Dru A. Hartley
Director of Philanthropy
Sansum Clinic
(805) 681-7726